Response to Bryony Rudkin’s Email to The Star 18/6/10

In an Email to the Evening Star on Friday Councilor Bryony Rudkin said in reponse to an article written by Ben Gummer “We won’t get better services from the massive cuts the government is planning.”One must presume that she has had her head stuck in the sand for 13 years. The reason for these cuts is of course Labour inglorious legacy.

Labour left us with no money – only waste and debt:

-They left every man, woman and child owing £22,400
-They gave us one of the worst budget deficits in Europe
-They left 2.47 million people out of work
-They sold off Britain’s gold at a 20-year low in the market.
– They left 1 in 5 young people unemployed
– They took £150 billion from pension funds
– They wasted 3 billion on benefit overpayments
– They wasted £10 million on tax credits for the dead
– They left debt interest souring at £70 billion
– They let the cost of the EU more than triple
– They employed 4,567 ‘staff without posts’ in the civil service at a cost of £161 million a year.
– They wasted £780 million on reorganising government departments and agencies
– They wasted £48,000 on a kinetic light sculpture for display in the British Embassy in Madrid.
– Then wasted £150 per person in one the civil service department  on cut flowers.

I’ll stop there because the amount of waste over the last decade could make a very long post.

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