Recent London Rd Area Residents’ Briefing:

I’ve recieved this Email. Please forward any testimonies to

Dear Neighbours,

Many thanks to those of you who have replied with testimonies regarding Crescent Lodge. If it is of any re-assurance, I believe I have now heard from most, if not all, of the immediate neighbours of the premises.

Cllr Peter Gardiner is indeed progressing the matter with Suffolk County Council, and the Safer Neighbourhood Team are seeking a meeting of all agencies who might have an interest or be involved in placing people in those premises.

Tomorrow (Friday 6th) is the deadline I set for finalising the compilation of testimonies, so if anyone has anything further to add, please let me have it right away. But even after the deadline is past, I will be pleased to receive any further intelligence that will help to clarify what is happening, who is responsible, and what should be done.

Thanks and regards,

Mike Brain
Residents’ Representative, PSIG

— On Sun, 25/7/10, MIKE BRAIN wrote:

Subject: Recent Residents’ Briefing: Crescent Lodge
To: “mike brain”
Date: Sunday, 25 July, 2010, 18:24

Dear Neighbours,

I am e-mailing to request information relating to the matter of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) regarding the residents of Crescent Lodge, which was again raised as an issue at the recent Residents’ Briefing on Community Safety. Cllr Peter Gardiner undertook to raise the question with SCC, and I offered to gather material for a Community Impact Statement should one prove necessary to support a more lasting solution to the problem.

The SW Ipswich Safer Neighbourhood Team is now seeking to arrange a multi-agency meeting to discuss the problem, so it would be helpful to gather that material now to support discussion at that meeting.

If you have been affected by any form of ASB involving the residents of Crescent Lodge, therefore, could you please let me have a brief history statement of what sort of ASB, when it occurred, and how it affected you as a resident of the neighbourhood, bearing in mind that the definition of ASB involves anything likely to cause you any harassment, alarm or distress. If it turns out that the root cause of the problem is that SCC Social Services are placing young people in inappropriate accommodation, then the only way to break the “revolving door” cycle may be for us to demonstrate that ASB is a recurring problem involving a succession of young people, and that dealing with each individual case that arises is simply not a solution.

Just a few lines will suffice, so long as it contains the salient information for each incident. Please let me have this by Friday August 6th. Please also pass the message on to neighbours who may not be on this e-mail circulation list: it isn’t just the events themselves that matter, but also the number of residents who are affected by them, so the more evidence, the better!

I am also aware that fear of reprisals can often deter residents from complaining, so the information you provide will be used anonymously. So don’t “hold back”: if this has been a continuing problem for you, and even if you have previously sent me such material in the past, please let me have the relevant information to take to the multi-agency discussion and to support a possible Community Impact Statement, should that be necessary.

Please let me know if you have any queries. Otherwise I will look forward to hearing from those of you who have been affected and want to see this problem solved hopefully once and for all.

Thanks and regards,

Mike Brain
Residents’ Representative, Prostitution Strategy Implementation Group

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