Prisoners Voting in Elections

It ‘s been reported by The Times that Nick Clegg is looking to end the ban on prisoners voting in elections. There’s some info on it here. This is probably a lot of huff.

Last week the Council of Europe, which monitors compliance of European Court of Human Rights judgments, said it “deeply regretted” that despite the Committee’s calls to the United Kingdom over the years to implement the judgment, “the risk of repetitive applications to the European Court has materialised“.

The person who first suggested a European Court of Human Rights was Sir Winston Churchill but I’m sure that the court has become something that he didn’t have in mind.

As I believe that prison is there to protect society by removing dangerous people from society, I don’t see how prisoners should have the right to have a say in how the society that they are no longer part of is governed.

The issue that needs to be resolved is the issue of people being in prison for minor, stupid things that they shouldn’t have been sent to prison for.

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