Congratulations to the Unions on their Victory

Trade Union appointed Labour leader Ed Milliband has vowed to stand up for the ‘squeezed middle’ Story here. This means that he is carrying on where Blair and Brown left off. He has vowed that Labour should ‘never again lose touch with the mainstream of society. But this is labours problem. All they are interested in is a certain section of the middle class within key marginals.

He said “My aim is to show that our party is on the side of the squeezed middle in our country and everyone who has worked hard and wants to get on.” This means that someone who has worked hard at college and wants to get on is going to get nowhere under Ed Milliband’s Labour because the only people Labour did anything for over a period of 13 years are the only ones that Labour will do anything for under Ed Milliband.

He has also promised to narrow the gap between rich and poor. Of course one can’t narrow the gap between rich and poor while buttering up to the chattering classes.

Also, under the Trade Union controlled Ed Milliband, Labour will still deny any responsibility for the state of the nations economy. They are in complete denial about their mismanagement.

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