Response to Bryony Rudkin’s Speech at Labour Conferance

Story here. She said ““That might be fine in the nice comfortable villages but who’s going to come together to build the doctor’s surgery in my area of Ipswich where there are some quite serious deprivation issues?”

Isn’t that amazing? Her area of Ipswich has ‘quite serious deprivation issues.’ Isn’t it funny how they were not there before May 6th? More to the point, what kind of councillor stands up in front of a hall full of people and runs down the area they are supposed to represent? Bridge Ward News exposes it for the claptrap it is here. I think Bridge Ward News sums it up nicely with this little gem.

If you want to insult us go and do it to our faces and in your leaflets, not to a hall of useless, overpaid, overpromoted and spendthrift public sector middle managers up in Manchester who got us in this mess in the first place.

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