Response to Ed Milliband on Civil Liberties

The leader of the party that created Police State UK, The leader of the party that gave us four million CCTV cameras, more speed cameras per square mile than anywhere else in the world, DNA databases, local council Starzi’s, ninety day detention, people being fined for dropping chips to stop sea gulls hassling them, Officials with 1,200 powers of entry to private homes, gave local councils the right to spy on people, managed to invent 33 new crimes every month on average and was planning to bring in ID Cards said “My generation recognises too that government can itself become a vested interest when it comes to civil liberties.”

Then it got even more bizarre. He said that the idea of locking someone away for 90 days was wrong. But then he said that CCTV and DNA testing were good. This demonstrates that he doesn’t understand that the surveillance society created by the last Labour government is an infringement on our liberty.

Then he said this
“I won’t let the Tories or the Liberals take ownership of the British tradition of liberty.
I want our party to reclaim that tradition.”
Which is ridiculous because you can’t reclaim something you never had.

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