Ipswich Labour Plan More Scare Tactics

According to Ipswich Spy, the spies have made a recovery and Ipswich Labour have made some sort of recovery too since the election. Closer analysis of the Post here. shows that Ipswich Labour have remained the same

Ipswich Spy informs us that at tonight’s meeting, there was fighting talk about how Ipswich Labour was going to lead the way about fighting the cuts that the new coalition government seeks to implement following the comprehensive spending review. Of course there does not seem to be any plan from anyone within the labour party either locally or nationally who has suggested another deficit reduction plan. While in government they managed to sell off our gold reserves borrow over 100 billion and have the record number of bankruptcies during the time of economic growth, putting us into a position so that when the recession caused by a crash in the US Sub-prime mortgage market hit us, we had nothing to fall back on. So they carried on borrowing hence the huge debt and deficit. Now Ipswich Labour wants to fight the cuts that their party has made so necessary.

Also according to Ipswich spy the interesting tack that the speaker Ann Glover, a regional organiser from the union, Unison, advocated was one of engaging local communities. This is very interesting indeed. Do union reps like her believe in the big society now? Well actually not!

Ipswich Spy continues, “She identified that, especially outside of Ipswich, there was a blue rinse brigade especially in the more rural wards.” This is such clichéd risible nonsense that one has to wonder if the plan is to have the Tories all die of laughter.

Spy continues “Ann identified that hard line politics that advocated the scrapping of Trident or compassion for public sector workers would go unheard by an electorate that maybe traditionally Tory and hostile towards ‘socialist’ views.” She means that anyone who is not a socialist would take it for the whining, left wing claptrap that it is.

Then the plan is revealed. Basically Labour are planning to lie to the electorate about closures of libraries, removal of ‘lollipop men and women’ outside of schools, care homes closing down, benefits being cut etc. They are continuing to use scare tactics. So no change there.

Ipswich Spy also says that as well as the need for cuts in this time of ‘austerity’, much concern was raised about the New Strategic Direction initiative which has been led by the Suffolk County Council Chief Executive Andrea Hill. So this means that they acknowledge the need for cuts but will fight every cut there is and suggest none themselves. They have to resort to scare tactics just like they did during the election because they have nothing to offer.

Finally, it was decided that closer links need to be fostered between various interested groups and the constituency Labour Party and attendants were made aware of a march on the 27th November 2010 just before the next council meeting to further the implementation of New Strategic Direction. and of course they offer no viable alternative.

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