Figures Demolish Claims that Cities will be ‘cleansed’ of the Poor

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said that scaremongering and in some cases blatant lies about the money-saving plans had spiralled out of control. Story here.

Figures show that 96% of 642,200 claimants whose handouts will be reduced will face rent shortfalls of £20 a week or less, and 79% of £10 or less but Labour and the rancids left are doing what they do best. They are trying to scare people by lying to them. The only type of land lord that would evict a tenant over £10 is a socialist with a low IQ who wants to make the government look bad.

The official figures show that 32% of housing benefit claimants – 297,100 people – will be completely unaffected by the reforms, and 65% will face a shortfall of less than £20. Just 2% of claimants – 17,600 – will have a rent shortfall of between £20 and £30 a week; and another two% – 17,600 – over £30

Also here’s part of Labours Totally Unfair Legacy

When we have People are living in Mayfair on benefit this nonsense about the poor and dispossessed sounds ridiculous. There’s people living on sink estates who are working and paying for people to live in Mayfair for nothing.

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