The Long Awaited Ipswich Left Wing Demo

Representatives from Labours masters UNISON, Unite, PWC, CWU and NUT many of whom were concerned with possible job losses leading to a significant drop in union funds along with student groups made up of middle class kids who are so spoilt they are enraged by the idea of having to pay for something, waived their placards as they marched from Endeavour House, through the town centre, to the New Wolsey Theatre.

The turn out was around 350 people. That is at least 18,000 less than people who voted Conservative in the Ipswich constituency during the last election. Putting into account the fact that at least 80% of public sector workers are members of a union and SCC are one of the biggest employers in the area, it was a bit of a damp squib. But of course the left are claiming it demonstrates a ground swell of support for them.

Story here.

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