Suffolk DAAT’s Wild Conclusion

Concerning Iceni’s loss of contract and Dr Amanda Jones Letter to the Evening Star I put in a Freedom of Information Request, requesting documentation that would explain why Suffolk DAAT concluded that the two out of county charities were better value for money.

I can’t believe what I got back!

Suffolk DAAT has come to the conclusion that Open Road based in Essex and CRI based in London better understand the challenges of working in Suffolk, are better placed to fulfil the contract including local management and staffing levels, suitable premises and have a better outward focused approach in relation to co-ordinating care with other agencies and providers even though they have no relationship with any locally at present.

Also according to Suffolk DAAT,CRI based in London better understands the challenges of working in Suffolk, than Open Road based in Essex.

You just couldn’t make it up.

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3 Responses to Suffolk DAAT’s Wild Conclusion

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