Ipswich Crime Figures 2009/10

Crimes reported in Ipswich during 2009/10

Alexandra 4,167
Westgate 1,440
Gipping 1,150
Whitehouse 912
Gainsborough 864
Priory Heath 841
Bridge 743
Whitton 497
Holywells 473
Stoke Park 454
St Margaret’s 451
St John’s 403
Bixley 368
Castle Hill 361
Rushmere 347
Sprites 344

In Suffolk the ward with the highest number of crimes reported is Alexandra with 4,167 second highest is Harbour with 1896 crimes reported. The ward with the lowest amount of crimes reported is Debenham with 29 crimes reported. And second lowest is Worlingworth with 32 crimes reported.

What these figures show is that if a crime is committed in Alexandra Ward, the residents of the ward are more likely to call the police.

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2 Responses to Ipswich Crime Figures 2009/10

  1. ipswichspy says:

    What these figures show is that Alexandra Ward includes most of the town centre, which is where most public order offences occur, as well as a lot of the drugs offences. Harbour Ward in Lowestoft is the same. The Town Centre of Ipswich skews the crime figures for the wards that cover it. Don’t forget that these wards are not exactly the same size either.

  2. Good point. Plus the fact that part of Gipping is in the town centre gives it a ridiculously high statistic compared to neighbouring Sprites.

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