Therese Coffey on Prisoner Drug Addiction Treatment

The Evening Star today says that Therese Coffey MP has called for less NHS money to be spent helping prisoners get off hard drugs and instead used to treat law abiding citizens. I thought I was going to disagree with her (probably because of the way the Evening Star told the story) until I got the gist of what she was saying.

“The cash is spent on various treatments to help prisoners end their dependency, including substance substitutes such as methadone, which is used to replace heroin.
Dr Coffey said: “I’m not saying that ” we shouldn’t be treating prisoners -we have to get them off drugs- however I would hope we could find a cheaper way to do it and use the money saved elsewhere.”

When Heroin addicts are treated with methadone they often end up being addicted to methadone as well. Therefore methadone is an expensive form of treatment.

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