Ipswich Street Prostitution Strategy Funding.

In today’s Evening Star is an article about the threat to the Ipswich Street prostitution strategy funding. It can be read here. Either the author or an editor is in favour of the legalisation of prostitution. (Please excuse me while I go off track.) Abolitionist, Aaron Cohen has pointed out that those who support the legalisation of prostitution, replace the word ‘prostitute’ with the phrase ‘sex worker’ the reason being that the phrase ’sex worker’ supports the ridiculous notion that people do it as a career choice. They do it because of drug addiction, abusive relationships, human trafficking or slavery but never because they choose to do it because they think it’s a promising career. Never has a school leaver gone to a career advisor and said they wanted to be a prostitute. The English Collective of Prostitutes has been proved wrong. They said that the strategy would be a disaster for the women who are now off drugs and leading productive lives.

The article starts by mentioning the concern of residents of the town’s London Road concerning possible cuts in funding but I have some positive news.

I have received an Email from Portfolio Holder for Public Protection, Councillor Colin Spence saying that Suffolk County Council is extremely committed to the implementation of the on- and off-street prostitution strategy.

I have been told that they will continue to do all they can, in partnership with the Police, Ipswich Borough Council, drug and alcohol providers, the voluntary sector, as well as local residents, to continue to keep the area safe for residents.

They are focusing their efforts on front-line social work and other support services and I have been informed that they will do everything they can to ensure that there is funding to maintain the support to those individuals who are at risk from sexual exploitation and on- and off-street prostitution.

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