Seems the Truth Just isn’t Sinking in For Labour

In the Evening Star today there is a truly excellent letter written by Stephen M Lark, entitled Seems the Truth Just isn’t Sinking in For Labour. It’s so good I’m going to reprint it in it’s entirety .

(I’m also adding links for amusement.)

IT still isn’t sinking in, is it? Labour members and supporters continue not to see the connection between their party’s profligacy in power and the necessity to reduce the deficit by public sector expenditure.
Mr Cook, this week, mentioned a few items, some of which are highly desirable but totally unaffordable after 13 years of Labour waste while others were just never worthwhile (e.g. Education Maintenance Allowance).
In fact the unholy mess they created is of such magnitude that fate, through the electoral arithmetic, has decreed that it needs two parties to solve it.
As many readers will discover over the next few days, the best way to avoid a hangover cure is not to get drunk in the first place.
Messrs. Blair and Brown, advised by their partial successor, ‘Red Ed’ have effectively been pumping neat vodka into the arm of the British economy and radical detoxification is the only logical solution unless we want to emulate Greece.
So far, growth figures strongly suggest that the patient is making progress.
Mr Cook, his members and supporters should take some notice of his party’s rump in Parliament.
I have quoted Mr. Darling and Lord Mandelson before, saying that they would also have raised VAT, as they did in January 2010.
Furthermore various Labour spokesmen, such as Caroline Flint, have conceded that they would also have reduced public expenditure -although the details remain noticeably absent.

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