The ‘Read in’ Outside the County Library

A read-in was staged outside the county library on Saturday by protesters trying to whip up public paranoia against the cuts made necessary because of Labour ruining the nations economy.

They are concerned that Suffolk County Council may change the way the service is delivered in response to budget cuts that the last Labour government has made necessary.

The changes they are concerned about involve the Suffolk library Service being outsourced. The Left call outsourcing privatisation which it isn’t. Differance expalined here

According to the Evening Star around 75 protesters gathered outside the County Library. A Riverside View sent spies to investigate on the day and their certainly didn‘t appear to be as many as 75 according to the reports received back. Also the mass read-in, wasn’t as amusing as we at A Riverside View thought it was going to be.

Also according to the Evening Star Roger Mackay, organiser of the ’read in’ and president of the Ipswich and District Trade Union Council, funders and masters of the party that has got us into this public services predicament said he feared cuts would lead to the closure of some of the region’s smaller libraries.
Judy Terry, county councillor with responsibility for libraries, said that, while cuts need to be made, she advised communities to come forward with ideas to safeguard the service.
“We need to make significant cuts and we will be launching a consultation this week to see how we should move forward with our libraries,” she said.
“We will have to make savings of
around 30pc on the library budget. Management savings will make up l0% of that but we must find the other 20%.”
She said talks were under way with local bodies who have expressed an interest in libraries.
“They are a valuable community resource,” she added. “But I think we need to look at alternatives – for example Gainsborough Library in Ipswich also has a cafe.
“We have a lot of volunteers in libraries across the county already and I would really urge communities to come forward and tell us how they want their library service to be run.”

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