Scams and Weather in Places Called Ipswich

Residents of Ipswich Queensland wishing to support flood victims are being warned to take a moment to check who they are donating to, following reports of scams operating across Queensland. Story here.

Meanwhile in Ipswich England people have been receiving this leaflet

The leaflet asks you to donate clothes, shoes etc for ‘young poor families’ and comes out with some squit about how they are helping poor foreign families when in fact they are a commercial outfit purely for profit.

They have a variety of deceptive leaflets

Nothing is going to the third world. It was obviously a scam to me before researching the company because clothes are not classified as aid as food and medical supplies are, therefore the cost of shipping the stuff would be astronomical and no ‘charity’ could afford to do it.

Ipswich Massachusetts has had quite a bit of snow and as a lot of people when snow is on the ground take pictures of the stuff, their local paper’s website is full of pictures of snow. Here’s a reminder of what snow looks like I think the first picture is brilliant but I’m not paying eight bucks for a copy of it.

We be shrewd us Sufk’ers

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1 Response to Scams and Weather in Places Called Ipswich

  1. All the clothing collections are scams. All commercial businesses who apparently donate a few quid per a ton or something. Of course this is apparently perfectly legal. The leaflets do not mislead by saying they are a charity when they are not, but people assume they are charity.

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