Stephen larks Response to Gareth Clarks Letter in Evening Star

In reply to Gareth Clark’s Letter in Evening Star 10/01/11 which was a response to Stephen Lark’s excellent letter, entitled Seems the Truth Just isn’t Sinking in For Labour. Stephen Lark has written an excellent reply in todays Evening Star with the title of “Political Panto Season Goes On”

Like Stephen Larks last letter, I am reprinting his latest letter in full.

THE pantomime season continues as yet another Labour signatory tries to pretend that the damage they did to the British economy from 1997 is nothing to do with them. The latest signatory, Gareth Clark, seeks to blame their favourite alternative villain, “the bankers”, but this is highly disingenuous. Events ran as follows:
• 1. Labour spent a lot of extra money on various projects, some unnecessary and others unaffordable.
• 2. They raised a lot of stealth taxes to (partially) cover the costs.
• 3. A lot of people found it, as a result, impossible to save as much money and necessary to borrow.
• 4. Mr Brown persuaded bank executives, many of whom he was personally very close to, to lend more money to people – then he persuaded some of them to merge, again unwisely.
• 5. Labour blamed banks for carrying out their own policy.
Furthermore, Mr Clark fails to recognise the encouraging progress made by the British economy since Brown’s hands were removed from its throat last year.
It has begun a consistent climb from the depths in which it previously resided.
.Perhaps Mr Clark should take advice on economic matters from Edward Phillips, who wrote on the subject last month.
While Alan Johnson is honest enough to admit that he knows next to nothing about economics, his statement that changing the rate of VAT, just as Labour did last year, will significantly impact grocery bills can be judged on that basis.
Others, such as “Sneering, Semmens”, make the same claim. Surely they know that most food – as with children’s clothes – is zero-rated.

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