Councillors in Gipping Ward

Councillors from Labours safest ward of Gipping have been up to things. (According to an Ipswich Labour Members Internal News Letter sent a while ago their safest seat is Gainsborough but statistically it’s Gipping.)

Peter Gardiner whom we didn’t hear so much from until after the general election, called a special debate regarding Ipswich Street Prostitution Strategy Funding as I said here.. It was a very good idea but as all three parties in Ipswich agree on the matter the political points scored were not that many for the councillor who is up for re-election in May.

David Elsmere attempted to get Council leader Liz Harsant in a spat with local Government minister Eric Pickles. He asked her if she agreed with Mr Pickles’ reported comments that council leaders would be as unpopular as bankers if they cut services when all that was needed was cuts to council bureaucracies.
Mrs Harsant replied that Ipswich was a very efficient council and she could not comment on how other council leaders saw their jobs. No points for Labour scored there.

Jeannette Macartney has been as busy as she was before the General election. Nobody has seen or heard anything from her but then nobody was expecting to see or hear anything from her either. As a matter of fact it would appear that the only thing she has done as a councillor is get re-elected. There’s been no political points scored by her ever, but she is in a safe seat as all three of them are. So why bother?

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1 Response to Councillors in Gipping Ward

  1. I am not sure the public of Ipswich would want us to be scoring political points when we talk about prostitution. but it was an important motion, and I hope the 5 tory councillors who voted for it but are also County Councillors, remember this if as proposed the County tory group cut back on their contribution to the strategy – we will wait to see how they vote, especially as one is a portfolio holder and sits on the County Cabinet.

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