Ipswich Street Prostitution Strategy Funding

According to todays Evening Star the message from the borough last night was that Suffolk County Council must continue to support the Ipswich Prostitution Strategy.

A special debate was called by Peter Gardiner, who is now also a county councillor, after it emerged that county funding for the Ipswich Prostitution Strategy could be under threat from spending cuts at Endeavour House.

However earlier this week it emerged that the Suffolk Drug and Alcohol Team (DAAT) had agreed to pay £80,000 to keep the strategy in place until April next year. Interestingly the administration and wage cost to the County for DAAT this financial year is £89,993. As that would leave DAAT with only £9,993 from the county, I must now find out how much the funding from the borough, NHS Suffolk and the police is.

David Ellesmere mentioned that he first became aware of the problem with prostitution in Ipswich after ward boundaries were redrawn part of the London Road Area of town came into his ward in 2004. to stop the Lib Dems having such a good chance of taking Westgate Ward.
He said: “I was getting many concerns from residents of that area and we carried out a survey about six months before the murders but at that time it was difficult to make our voices heard.”

I have to agree with him on that.

The motion got support across the council chamber, community safety

spokeswoman for the borough Nadia Cenci welcomed the news from the DAAT, but said it was important for the borough to restate its commitment to tackling the problem.

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3 Responses to Ipswich Street Prostitution Strategy Funding

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  2. ipswichspy says:

    Since David Ellesmere was Deputy Leader of the Council until 2004, aren’t you a little disappointed that he had never heard of the problem before it became part of his ward? Does this give an indication of the level of attention he would give problems facing people in wards other than Gipping if he becomes Council Leader after the election? We hope not.

  3. The fact is that no party was particularly bothered about street prostitution until the murders started happening. While Labour had control of the council they were not concerned. It was only after Labour lost control of the council they became interested and sent residents of the London road area a questionnaire about it. The reaction of the residents of the area was one of “Why the hell didn’t they say or do anything when they had control of the council?”

    As the areas of the two wards where the problems were most prevalent would have no effect on which party won the ward they are in, it was not something The Conservatives and Lib Dems were going to be that interested in. Also, Labour were sending literature to people who live in the area about cuts to bus time tables or lack of bus shelters as if that was something that people living so close to town were really concerned about. Why should they have been concerned? People living in Gainsborough and Bixley were not concerned before the murders were they?

    All three parties became aware and concerned when the towns name was dragged through the mud due too five murders. It was not the foist time the murder of prostitutes had taken place in Ipswich but five in ten days got the world media’s attention. Also, they had no choice but to do something about it because it was realised that the victims were peoples daughter’s.

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