How Trade Unions Spend Members Subs.

The Trade Union Movement at the top is a left wing political affiliation that wants to overthrow the capitalist system and replace it with a system made up of the political elite which just so happens to be themselves. They don’t want any cuts so the capitalist system is destroyed and replaced by a system lead by a political elite made up of themselves where they rob the rich and keep the money. This will lead to a society where everyone is equal. All will be equally poor, equally miserable, equally without aspiration, equally with no prospects, equally destitute, equally at the mercy of the state, equally reliant on a subsistence economy and equally living in a third world country. This is the real manifesto of the ‘progressive’ left.

One way they intend to bring about the fruition of their gospel of despair is by an organisation funded and completely controlled by them known as the Labour party They fund the Labour party and in return the Labour Party when in power implements their nasty policies. The people at the forefront of the Labour Party are a bunch of toffs who know nothing about how normal people live. Harriot Harman for example is the daughter of a Harley Street physician and a solicitor. Her Aunt is the Countess of Longford and her cousins are Lady Antonia Fraser and Lady Rachel Billington. Labour are undoubtedly the party of the rich. Labour only care for their own kind and don’t have a clue how ordinary people live. Almost every Labour MP went to a private school, they are nearly all rich people with more than one home, their children nearly all go to private schools, their families enjoy the best of private medical care. All they want to do is feed their own greed and envy and they will always support some of the country’s biggest earners who are Labour Council leaders and their masters, the Trade Union bosses. To the average Labour MP the poor are a group of people to patronise while keeping them poor.

The Trade Union Barons are getting the Labour party to be against any cuts whatever they are. This is because they want the capitalist system destroyed. Within socialism it doesn’t matter if anyone is economically competent or not and in reality socialism and economics don’t mix. The Trade Union bosses control a couple of completely incompetent characters in the two Ed’s In this case two Ed’s are not better than one because both Ed’s are completely clueless.

The other way the Trade Union Movement is trying to bring about the fruition of their gospel of envy is by enlisting naive impressionable students in an attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government. The Morning Star today claims that they will fight until they win. Trade Unions think it is fine to spend their members subs on placards for students. They are claiming that they are fighting rising youth unemployment but as they were completely passive when it started rising under Labour it is obvious that they are spending their members subs to organise protests to bring the government down. The language used by Commie Rag The Morning Star says it all. They are making lot’s of noise about 6000 people at a demo in Manchester. 6000 people in a city of half a million! In a metropolitan area of over 2.5 million! Pathetic!

They want to claim that it’s about tuition fees when it’s about overthrowing the government. The Union bosses And their left wing allies seem to be too stupid to work out that all the placards with Unison, TUC and Socialist Workers Party on them gives the game away. It is the people with such a level of stupidity who control the Labour Party.

Another technique they are threatening to use is calling a general strike. Many in the Conservative party want to see if Cameron is as a good a leader as Margaret Thatcher. It was Maggie Thatcher who stopped them calling everyone out of strike because of a tea break being moved five minutes forward or back. We can now laugh at the French when before Thatcher the unions were making us the laughing stock of the world with their ridiculous strikes.Their threats have nothing to do with the workers and everything about overthrowing a democratically elected government to get their puppets back in.

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