Labour Toffs

The people at the forefront of the Labour Party are a bunch of toffs who know nothing about how normal people live. Harriot Harman for example is the daughter of a Harley Street physician and a solicitor. Her Aunt is the Countess of Longford and her cousins are Lady Antonia Fraser and Lady Rachel Billington. Labour are undoubtedly the party of the rich. Labour only care for their own kind and don’t have a clue how ordinary people live. Almost every Labour MP went to a private school, they are nearly all rich people with more than one home, their children nearly all go to private schools, their families enjoy the best of private medical care. All they want to do is feed their own greed and envy and they will always support some of the country’s biggest earners who are Labour Council leaders and their masters, the Trade Union bosses. To the average Labour MP the poor are a group of people to patronise while keeping them poor.

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