Hosni Mubarak and Gordon Brown

As Guido Fawkes pointed out the Labour Party are affiliated to Mubarak’s National Democratic Party.

This is not a surprise considering how much Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and former prime minister Gordon Brown have in common.

They were both leaders of parties with ironic names. Mubarak’s party had the word ‘Democratic’ in it when it was not democratic and Browns party was called ‘Labour’ when it was leaving ten million people in Britain economical inactive. But the similarities are beyond that. Both leaders left office with rocketing unemployment and both leaders hate democracy.

Mubarak hated democracy enough to not have an election for decades and then have an election that was rigged. Brown hated democracy enough to be the one who became prime minister without a vote being cast and sign away British sovereignty without a vote being cast.

Both Brown and Mubarak had contempt for the common people of their countries.

Both of them adhered to an ideology of government control.

Also both leaders squandered their nations wealth. Mubarak squandered his nations wealth by moving vast quantities of it into personal off shore accounts while Brown squandered his nations wealth by spending it on peace pods, pointless bureaucracy and non jobs in the civil service.

Both leaders also had a long goodbye.

In both cases when it was completely obvious that the people didn’t want them anymore they stayed where they were under the delusion that the people really loved them and wanted them to stay.

Both of them liked patronising the people and continued to do so when the people had let them know what they thought of them.

Both men gave speeches saying how there would be progressive government and insisted that they were not going.

Deluded Leader of party Affiliated with the Egyptian National Democratic Party.

Deluded Leader of party Affiliated with the Labour Party

Finally both of them made one last patronising speech to the nation insisting that they were staying before slipping off quietly.

Freedom from the Nanny State

Freedom From Tyranny

Also the Egyptian National Democratic Party kept in power for 30 years not being what it claimed to be and Labour kept in power for 13 year not being what it claimed to be.

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