It’s Time for Andrea Hill to Go.

I agree with Bridge Ward News post here. and would like to expand on it.

Bridge Ward News says

“The argument is simple. There are too manyoverpaid civil servants working in local government (two absentee councillors come to mind). The Tories should be about cutting their numbers, not defending them.

We’ve got to make cuts. Andrea Hill won’t cut her salary, so we should cut her job. Pembroke won’t dump Andrea, so he must be dumped.

Jeremy Pembroke is a decent man who is right to try to preserve frontline services by going after middle management in Suffolk, but he’s getting in the way of the message. Dump Andrea or step aside for someone who will.”

It is absolutely right to say that there are too many overpaid civil servants working in local government and one of them is Andrea Hill. It is also absolutely right that a Conservative administration should be cutting their numbers instead of defending them.

Jeremy Pembroke says that we get good value for money from her. James Spencer at Bridge Ward News and I disagree. If Jeremy can’t convince activists in his own party then he is never going to convince the Suffolk public. His argument is well and truly lost.

Andrea Hill is like an EU commissioner in Brussels i.e. overpaid, unelected, unaccountable and a burden to progress. I do not like the existence of unelected overpaid bureaucrats.

Jeremy Pembroke is a decent man who is right to try to preserve frontline services by going after middle management in Suffolk, but he’s getting in the way of the message. Whatever the subject is the conversation always turns to Andrea Hill.

How Andrea Would Like to be Seen

I despise the celebrity culture that developed in this country over the course of the last Labour government and Andrea Hill is part of that culture. When the amount spent on airbrushing photographs equals a tenth of what a lot of public sector workers earn in a year and she is front page news three days in a row she is merely a celebrity. A celebrity is a famous person who makes an extortionate amount of money by doing nothing of any use and that is what Andrea Hill has become.

Jeremy Pembroke should take note that the national newspapers that are covering this embarrassing saga are not left wing newspapers but newspapers like The Telegraph and The Daily Mail This has lead people around the country to believe that Suffolk County Council is a labour Council because it is unthinkable to some that a Conservative Council could actually waste money in this way.

Instead of wasting £520,000 on gagging orders the council should fire Andrea Hill and then there would be no need for gagging orders.

It’s time Jeremy Pembroke smelt the coffee and ended this miserable saga. Andrea Hill’s position is now completely untenable. Jeremy Pembroke now has to pull the trigger or be replaced by someone who will.

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7 Responses to It’s Time for Andrea Hill to Go.

  1. A Ross says:

    What would you fire her for?
    She has a contract – given to her by Pembroke – unfair dismissal??

    Why just attack Pembroke? How about other Tory cabinet members, like Mrs Terry – who is also a Borough Cllr –
    Tory attacking Tory – 10 months in Government and it has already come to this

    • Alasdair, are you defending her now? The fact that she is front page news as she is, is bringing Suffolk County Council into disrepute. The New Strategic Direction can not be implemented when everybody is talking about Andrea Hill. The other cabinet members are doing a good job. The problem is Andrea Hill and Pembroke’s defence of her.

      Your last comment comes from the party who marched for an alternative to cuts when the only alternatibve to cuts is bankruptcy. Are you all totally deluded? Do you understand economics? Or does everything you do stem from your hatred of us Tories?

  2. Tory says:

    Hmm, perhaps it’s a Tory having their own mind? Why are Labour people so surprised (or jealous) of this trait?

    Tony Blair succeeded by nicking the good Tory ideas that he saw. Gordon Brown failed because he simply couldn’t believe that the Tories would have good ideas. We all know which camp you fall in, and why you’re seen as such a bad councillor in your patch.

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  4. Roland says:

    There are no grounds for sacking her, she has done nothing wrong, the authority awarded her her salery, lay off her.

  5. Ric Hardacre says:

    Easy, just reorganise the council so her position is no longer required and make her redundant. Seems to be the way they “fire” everyone else in most councils.

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