Suffolk County Conservatives Voted Correctly

Yesterday Suffolk County Conservatives voted for the right candidate. Not only has he experience in leading a local authority as leader of Waveney District Council but he went into politics for the right reason and that is to make a difference and leave things in better shape than when he started and this he will do.

He has already made a difference.

Mark Bee was the candidate who would have cuts focus on the Unison dues paying middle managers and not crossing patrols. Hence, two hours after being elected he announced that Lollypop Patrols will not be axed.
he said,

“In the case of school crossing patrols, I can assure residents that in the areas where the patrols are most needed, they will not now be stopped, unless or until a suitable alternative arrangement has been found.”

He has already done one of the things I said the new leader should do here.

Also yesterday, Andrea Hill went on a two week break. Hopefully to plan her exit strategy.

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6 Responses to Suffolk County Conservatives Voted Correctly

  1. A Ross says:

    He does not state that all crossings will be saved – what about the school in my area, we have had no crossing patrol since October – will we get one back? Will be watching Mr Bee , to see how many crossings are saved – I am sure a few in Waveney

    • Alasdair, as you know, you have no crossing patrol because the person left the post because she deemed the job too dangerous. Of course the facts are irrelevant to Ipswich Labour who blame everything on the Tories and habitually lie to the electorate. You also know that councillor Judy Terry has arranged for that crossing patrol to be sponsored by a local business.

      It’s also interesting how you won’t let me post comments on your blog, but keep posting them on mine.

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  3. A Ross says:

    Feel free to leave comments on my blog- if they are not getting on e mail me and I will make sure they are published- remember Bridge ward News has no comments!
    Judy Terry did well getting a sponsor but the County (Tory run) has siad the school has to employ the patrol and the sponsor pays the school- not what was first agreed.
    The Crossing patrol did leave – but the County Council would not replace her, so we are still without a patrol – over to Mr Bee

  4. Obviously nobody has come forward to take up the post Alasdair.

  5. A Ross says:

    Not corect, the County were not willing to recruit or train anew patrol – not even advertised, they stated (and Mrs Terry was present with me at the meeting) that the school would have to recruit, train, CRB check, employ the patrol then the sponsor would pay the school – the sponsor then could leave and the school would find themselves having to pay – hopefully Cllr Bee will change that- we will wait and see, but if Labour wins on 5th May we will look to save all the crossings in Ipswich – not as Mr Bee stated – ‘where they are needed’ – meaning that not all current crossings will be saved

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