Ipswich Labour’s Campaign-Dirty Until the End

Ipswich Labour’s campaign was dirty until the end.

There was the on going lie about them saving lollypop patrols that were not being scraped and saving libraries that were not going to close anyway.

There was also the reports that they were saying the conservatives were going to shut public toilets on the doorstep.

Late last night Ipswich Labour added Ipswich buses to the things that they need to save from the Tories.

They wrote an amusing article on their website and yesterday delivered some leaflets saying that time was running out to save lollypop patrols, libraries and Ipswich Buses.

It appears that Ipswich Labour are concerned that a private company may want to invest in Ipswich Buses, improving the service and running the company more efficiently. Ipswich Labour are concerned that Ipswich council tax payers could be released of the burden of paying for the running of Ipswich Buses.

Ipswich Labour do not want a business ran by a business. They want to save Ipswich buses from such a fate and continue to have it owned by an organisation that is not designed to run a business, namely, Ipswich Borough Council.

What kind of screwed up ideology would lead people to think this apart from the outdated ‘clause four adhering’ socialism of Ipswich Labour?

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28 Responses to Ipswich Labour’s Campaign-Dirty Until the End

  1. Gavin Maclure says:

    Probably the best summing up of Labour’s warped stance on Ipswich Buses I have seen! On the doorstep a lot of people agree IBC shouldn’t run a bus company.

    • Jacob Seabrook says:

      Absolute tosh!

      The bus service is a prime example of being something that should not be run for profit. Especially in a county like Suffolk where buses are a vital link between the town and country for many people but the services would not be viable from a cost perspective for a company looking to make money from them.

      Any company interested in Ipswich Buses does not want to make money out fo them them want to TAKE money out of them – that’s what companies do guys!

      I don’t know if you have read any more of the posts on this blog Gavin but they are all just as uninformed and ill-thought through. I would strongly suggest you get your information from a reliable non partisan source.

      • Buses from the estates into town are a vital link between the town and the country?

        Jacob, you socailists really need to learn to think for yourselves before comentting on blog posts.

  2. Claus Foreman says:

    What a load of old Tory twaddle! Privatisation of a public service, hmm…. now where have I heard that Tory mantra before? Oh yes, I remember, privatisation of the national railway system. A fine example of efficiency and cutting edge management! Presumably our illustrious scribe always travels ‘first class’ during rush hours. Surely he doesn’t join the ‘scrumdown’ with the rest of the grossly overcharged proletariate for the much valued prize of a seat? If he did, I doubt that he would be so keen on privatising Ipswich Buses as well. Privatise our town bus service and waiting for ‘The Bus’ will take on a different meaning! Try asking the residents of the outlying villages of Suffolk if you don’t quite get the joke.

    Dear Riverside View,
    Given that a company can only exist by making a profit and that investors want their financial rewards, who do you think really picks up the bill? Well it’s obvious really isn’t it! The service user or ‘customer’ as you would prefer and of course, the employees of said private bus company. Employees on low wages, working long hours to make up for deliberate understaffing and underfunding designed to maximise profit and to pay the over-inflated wages of senior management executives is the reality of your loathsome ideology. If this sounds acceptable to you do you now think that perhaps chief executives should be highly paid after all? You can’t have it both ways chum!

    • Dear Mr Foreman,

      I say this as a cyclist. It is quicker to go from Ipswich to Eyke by push bike than by bus. You could blame it on the private bus company running the service though obviously as Ipswich Buses are running the service on a Sunday and it’s still quiiker by push bike, such blame won’t stick. Also it’s quicker by push bike into town from all of the outlyting estates than it is by a bus provided by Ipswich Buses.

    • Jacob Seabrook says:

      Well said Claus. A much more detailed reason for not privatising buses than I gave but as you have seen it is a waste of energy replying to someone who can’t think outside of his free market indoctrination. Soon he will use socialist in a pejorative sense and you’ll lose all will to help the man see sense!

  3. Jacob Seabrook says:

    And having just seen the result of the recent elections come in, it appears many people in Ipswich trust Labour more than the Tories on issues like this and many others.

  4. A Ross says:

    Why did the Tories not state that we were going to try and sell off Ipswich Bus Company till the day before the election? Scared the public would not be happy? Didn’t matter – the people of Ipswich gave their answer, maybe the Tories should have done some work in more of their wards and even talk to the public- seemed to work for us.

    • No Alasdair. Of course we wanted to sell off Ipswich buses. Do you dinosaurs in Ipswich Labour know clause four has been scraped?

      At the doorstep people support the sale of Ipswich buses. I can tell you that because we spoke to the public and will continue to do so.

      The election was used by many as an opinion poll against the government. If you think your campaign of lies had anything to do with it, you are mistaken.

  5. A Ross says:

    Closing public toilets? You already have closed two this year – at both bus stations in the town- so much for transport fit for the 21st Century

    Talk to residents? A Tory team in Rushmere refused to talk to a resident – as he was not on ‘their’ list – – maybe talking and working in more than one ward may have helped, not that just working in one ward- Rushmere – helped you anyway

  6. What? There hasn’t been any public toilets on Tower Ramparts since before the shopping centre was built and it was your lot who closed them.

    A Tory team in Rushmere refused to talk to a resident probably because he was a socialist intent on wasting their time.

    Nothing’s changed for the residents of Rushmere. Judy Terry will continue to do all the work and you’ll claim it was you doing it.

  7. A Ross says:

    I suggest you remove your last comment – the toilets at Tower Ramparts- were closed this year- by the Tory – Lib Dem administration, it was called in by Labour to scrutiny but the vote was lost and the toilets closed – fact
    The person who tryed to speak to your campaign team- is a respected member of the community and does not say how he votes- ask Cllr Terry (she, like me works with this resident for the community)
    He had just moved into that house, so they did not even know who he was – it was just the Tories only talking to their promises, a strategy that is OK, knocking on your voters but when a resident approaches you, the decent thing is to speak to him- the way Rushmere was lost also shows that your strategy failed.
    I would suggest you remove your comment on toilets and ask Cllr Terry about the resident in question – he had a number of important questions to ask.

  8. There hasn’t been any toilets on Tower Ramparts for ssome time. If it’s the shoping centre you are talking about, it’s not owned by the borough.

    I don’t know about the resident concerned.

  9. A Ross says:

    Again – check you facts- their were toilets on Tower Ramparts – when the ones at the Old Cattle Market were damaged by arson, the report from the administration decided to close them and then they said they would close the Tower Ramparts toilets at the same time, the matter acme to scrutiny on the 16th September 2010 and all the Tories and Lib dems on Scrutiny voted against the Labour proposal to return the matter to the Tory/Lib Dem Executive
    I would either remove your comment or even better admit you are wrong
    If you do not know the Resident you should remove your comment – ‘probably because he was a socialist intent on wasting their time’

  10. A major issue this isnn’t it?

  11. A Ross says:

    It was to those who use the Ipswich access Group and were not consulted- but the point is you have not checked your facts – the toilets have been closed less than 6 months – so I leave it to you to put in the correct facts

  12. Martin says:

    Poorly informed Tory numpty. How do those of us who are unable to drive get in to town? Should I ride in on my guide dog you selfish blinkered crettin.

    • Poorly thought out argument by a labour numpty. If Ipswich buses was privatised you would get into town by bus. Or are you such a socialist that you refuse to use privately owned transport companies?

      • Claire Rush says:

        Have you heard about the “Talking Buses Campaign” currently being organised by Guide dogs for the Blind Association? “Get on a bus” is not actually that straightforward when you’ve got a Guide dog.

  13. Jacob Seabrook says:

    Nice to see you again ignoring the bit where Mr Ross points out you are wrong. You are good at that. It’s comedy gold. I can imagine you sitting there all flustered and resorting to trying to besmirch proud socialists by calling them … er…. socialists! Keep the insults coming clever clogs.

  14. Jacob Seabrook says:

    See you’ve lost it you can’t even write proper sentences anymore to deliver your childish insults. This man is defeated – our work here is done.

    • Far from it. It’s an honour to have Labour Agents come by to trade insults with me.

      • Jacob Seabrook says:

        I’m not trading insults with you i’m just on the receiving end of yours! Admittedly I did stoop to your level a little bit by calling you ‘clever clogs’ but I felt it was worth it. Although it’s been really hard not to resort to some pretty base stuff along the way.

        And although it sounds fun I am not a ‘Labour Agent’ (good association of Labour and totalitarian regimes though). I am not a member of the Labour Party and have never been. I just found that I couldn’t read the falsehood and distortion passed off on this blog without passing comment.

      • Yeah thinking about it, you’re to left wing to be Labour. That explains your accusation that I am hard right.

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