Ipswich Labour’s Priorities

Andy Coates says here

“Labour, now in charge of the Council, with a competent and respected leader David Ellesmere, will have their own priorities.”

I believe that their priorities are

  • Blaming the last Con/Lib adminstration

  • Blaming the Con/Lib government.

  • Offering money to Suffolk County Council for lollypop patrols and libraries that are not threatened

  • Saying how evil the county Tories are when the money being offer to them is refused.

  • Claiming to have saved Ipswich Buses from imminant doom

  • Having their councillors claiming to do anything Conservative or Liberal Democrat councillors do and insisting that all good ideas from other parties were in fact theirs

  • Terrifying the electorate with imminant doom if they lose the council next time.

  • Claiming the Tories have a wicked secret plan that will cause death and destruction throughout Ipswich if they get back in.

  • Raising Council Tax and blaming the government.

  • Increasing the borough’s debt that has been significantly decreased by the last administration and then blaming the government.

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