Lift those Gagging Orders.

The law is quite clear. There is still an injunction against anyone mentioning that it’s Ryan Giggs who had an affair. There is still an injunction in force stopping everybody from naming Ryan Giggs as the subject of the injunction.

OK that’s one gagging order that was a waste of money but at least the gagging order for Ryan Giggs was a waste of his money instead of ours.

From here.

More than 100 members of staff are reported to have left Suffolk County Council with so-called “gagging orders” in which they agreed not to make any complaints about or claims against the council, according to figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. The payouts are estimated to be worth a total of £1m.

I’ve attempted to start a petition here that went as follows

“We the people of Suffolk do not believe it is in the public interest for former Suffolk County Council employee’s to be denied their right to speak concerning the working atmosphere and how things are done at Suffolk County Council.

We believe in transparency within local government

We therefore petition that the ‘gagging orders’ be lifted immediately. “

I was unable to submit the petition.

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11 Responses to Lift those Gagging Orders.

  1. Stephen says:

    I wonder how much foursight it would take to identify any of the other footballers?

  2. A Ross says:

    For some strange reason! You fail to mention the words – ‘tory’ run Suffolk County Council. Instead of a petition, why not just ask Judy Terry to explain why these gagging orders are needed? You are always singing her praises – and she is a cabinet member – so she must be involved somewhere along the line.

  3. A Ross says:

    Not vendetta, just wondered why you don’t ask her? Or if you are going to have a go at the County Council at least indicate that it is Tory run. I am sure if IBC did the smae thing you would be very quick to say Labour run IBC.

  4. Alasdair, everyone is aware that Suffolk county Council is Tory run.

  5. And so Tories are to blame for expensive gagging orders?

  6. A Ross says:

    Confused by your answer – so you are saying that the Tory Cabinet lost control of Ms Hill and so did not know what was going on (not great if true as most of the Cabinet kept their posts last week) or the Tory Cabinet did know about the gagging orders and agreed with them? Either way they have alot to answer for, not only in the cost to us but also in how deomcracy should work.

  7. A Ross says:

    Your post states the gagging orders should lifted – I agree – but who is to blame for the orders being applied in the first place?
    Either Ms Hill (and then the Tory Cabinet for not keeping control of her) or the Tory Cabinet for imposing the gagging orders. Who are you saying is in the wrong?

  8. A Ross says:

    So you are not going to answer or comment on my last question? Surprise, surprise.

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