Opposition will be Constructive

In last Wednesday’s (25/05/2011) Evening Star was an excellentr letter by Councillor John Carnall, Leader of the Conservative group at Ipswich Borough Council. I’m printing it here in full.

“I AM disappointed that in his article in the Evening Star of May 20, Paul Geater has given the wrong impression of the nature of the opposition that will be provided by the Conservative group on Ipswich Borough Council.
It is surprising that Paul has based his views on the evidence of just one council meeting – and that was the formal mayor-making meeting at which the mayor tried to deny the opposition the right of reply.
I wish to make it clear at the outset that the Conservative group’s opposition to the Labour administration will be constructive. It will be responsible. Where we believe the administration is acting in the best interests of Ipswich people, we will not be afraid to say so.

But where we believe that is not the case, we will stand up for local people and voice their concerns. We will not engage In a policy of opposition for oppositions sake or play Labours political games. The previous Conservative-led
administration has left the new Labour administration a golden legacy – a reduction in council tax, no cuts in frontline services, a significant reduction in net debt and large inroads made into the maintenance backlog left by Labour councils prior to 2004.
We shall be very active in protecting this legacy and trying to ensure that it is not squandered by the Labour administration, although the track record of Labour in this area is far from encouraging.”

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