Senior UKIP MEP David Campbell Bannerman has seen sense and defected to the Conservative Party. (more here) I wonder how they will blame the EU for that!

Here’s his full statement: (Best bits in bold)

“I have been increasingly impressed by the leadership shown by David Cameron in dealing with this country’s problems. In particular, the Government’s determination to clean up the economic mess left by Labour.

“Similarly in Europe, I have been pleased with the robust stance taken by David Cameron and Conservative MEPs over the EU budget negotiations and I believe that it is Conservative MEPs who are working hard to defend Britain’s interests. In contrast, as a member of UKIP I witnessed too many colleagues obsess with single issue politics, internal fighting, and shouting from the sidelines. This behaviour does nothing to serve the best interests of the British people.

“With the recent failings in domestic elections, the ditching of policies and the lack of any credible plan, UKIP has confirmed it is not a serious, credible, fully fledged political party but merely a pressure group. I have been a proud member of the Conservative Party in the past and I am proud to come home to the Conservatives today. Once again, the Conservative Party is proving, as it has so many times before, that it is the only party that can be trusted to sort out Britain’s economy and stand up for Britain in Europe.

“I stood for the European Parliament because I wanted to work for the best interests of the United Kingdom and my constituents in the Eastern region. I now feel that I can best serve them and their interests as a Conservative member of the European Parliament. Of course, I have not always seen eye to eye with the Conservative Party on every issue. I continue to believe personally that Britain should leave the EU but I also believe that while we are members we should fight our corner to secure the best deal possible.”

If you’re planning on voting for UKIP in the next years local elections, their local manifesto is here.

After a while the manifesto resorts to Labour’s trick of confusing national issues with local issues but to begin with their policies are:

Give referenda on everything including when you would like your bins emptied increasing bureaucracy and wasting vast quantities of money in the process..

Restore ancient county, borough and parish councils. Old counties and all the quaint This England stuff and if possible they’ll make everywhere like Britain was in the 1950’s.

Of course this part of the manifesto shows how UKIP are not conservatives.

“• End aspirational waffle about local communities.
• The Big Society is a big mistake”

After that it waffles on about the EU and immigration.

So UKIP wants to end ‘aspirational waffle’ as they call it?

Only the Conservatives are a party of aspiration.

Of course the really silly thing is that as David Campbell Bannerman said, UKIP is merely a pressure group. Why do they waste time standing in council elections? Being a borough councillor isn’t going to allow anyone to be an influence on EU issues. Also, if the Strasbourg Quango is so rotten, why are so many of them sitting in it?

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2 Responses to UKIP

  1. A Ross says:

    Funny David Campbell Bannerman is so scathing about UKIP, he wanted to be their leader last year. Not sure the Tories should be so happy to accept him.

  2. Stephen says:

    Any football manager who sold MacMillan-Scott and bought Campbell Bannerman would be acclaimed as a genius.

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