Conservatives Are Better Looking

A new website asking users to rank MPs in terms of sexiness is facing criticism for demeaning politicians. story here.

The one thing the website clearly shows is the fact that Conservatives are better looking. But we knew that anyway didn’t we?

The puzzling thing is why Ben Gummer is so far down the list. But then if we had David Ellesmere as MP, he’d be even lower. Dame Bryony would probably fair better.

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36 Responses to Conservatives Are Better Looking

  1. A Ross says:

    So much for no more insults! Wonder if Cllr Terry will mention your use of ‘Dame’ in next flyer. You even had the cheek to use Mrs Terry’s bit from the flyer in a post. Then you publish this post. This blog is becoming a joke

  2. Stephen says:

    I understand that David Ellesmere is a pin-up – at the local RNIB.

  3. A Ross says:

    Plain to see that you do not read the comments on your posts.
    How can you print Cllr Terry’s rant about insults on blogs then publish this? The post was bad enough but the comment has just pushed it even further. I wonder why no senior Ipswich tory has not had the brains to tell you to delete the post.
    Nasty party, nasty leaflets, nasty blogs – insulting not funny and adding nothing to the local political debate

    • Why would a senior Ipswich Tory tell me to delete the post?

      The Conservative Party is a democratic party and is not a military dictatorship where everybody takes orders from each other.

      Besides, as it’s my blog, why would I take any notice if some one did tell me to delete it anyway?

      Some of these socialists have no sense of humour

      • Stephen says:

        ALL Socialists (of all varieties, including National Socialists and Communists) have their sense of humour removed at birth.

      • Stephen says:

        Have you noticed how few posts here are at all relevant to the title?

  4. Glen says:

    I understand that as this is your blog you can put whatever you like on.but even someone as blinked as yourself must see the hypocrisy of complaining about none existing personal attacks on Tory councillors and then post a picture which is a pathetic attack on two well respected labour councillors.

  5. Glen says:

    Respected by lollipop ladies and librarians for a start

  6. Glen says:

    Not my usual style but as Stephen seems to take such pleasure in pointing out anyone’s errors I just thought I’d highlight something.munchausen syndrome is when someone feign disease or illness for attention.there is also munchausen by proxy which is the abuse of another for sympathy of the abuser but neither of these fit your description.

    • Stephen says:

      That is one definition but accusing another person of your faults comes under the wider description.

    • Stephen says:

      No I don’t. I am right again. I am a published historical writer and you don’t know what you are talking about.

  7. Stephen says:

    I haven’t got anything wrong, Pinnochio – you are just too ignorant to understand the facts – again.

  8. Stephen says:

    Pinnochio is once again too cowardly to allow direct replies to his post.

    I used the terms “acronym” and “irony” quite correctly, as I have proven already. Anyone with a brain would agree, but this does not include him, furthermore “and” is not a legitimate word with which to begin a sentence.

    You are a semi-literate jerk.

  9. Stephen says:

    I have explained everything (irony, acronym etc) to Pinnochio at least five times but he is too mentally sub-normal to understand it.

  10. Stephen says:

    I live in the real world and have explained everything to you but you are too stupid to understand it. I use words to mean what they are widely established to mean, you are a lying self-pleasurer who uses them to mean only what you want them to mean (cf. Red Queen, appropriately enough).

    So, now that I have disproven every one of your “points” and reinforced all of my own, you have stopped making “points” but just throw silly accusations about. Other peoples’ opinion of you sinks further with every word you post.

    • Mo says:

      I think you might mean Humpty Dumpty (““When I use a word it means just what I choose it to mean”), not Red Queen (best known for running very fast and staying in the same place).

  11. Glen says:

    I do have to admit I find it amusing Stephens inability to face that he was wrong on something.I’d of thought as a Tory this would be a feeling he would be used to.

    • Stephen says:

      No, I have used every word correctly.

      Go back to your Socialist friends, who caused three massacres last century (Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics 1920s, National SOCIALIST German WORKERS’ Party 1930s/40s and Khmer ROUGE 1960s/70s).

  12. Stephen says:

    I am not wrong and Pinnochio needs a new dictionary – fortunately there will be some in his primary school library when it re-opens next week.

  13. Stephen says:

    Medieval history ones, usually, but genealogy involves learning a lot about later periods through which great families lived. I tend to remember what I hear and read – it can “connect up” later. The irony concerns your fellow Socialist Bloater – who commented heavily on one thread but scarcely at all on one founded upon his own post.


  14. Jimminy Cricket is a troll whose posts are being deleted.

  15. Stephen says:

    You might try looking online for my articles and booklet. A good clue would be that I have surprised the editor of the “Complete Peerage” on occasion, most recently in March this year.

  16. A Ross says:

    Stephen, please remind me what your last few comments have to do with the original post? The post was insulting and not furthering any political debate. I think Kevin needs to have a good think about what he hopes his blog is achieving. It has become a joke.

    • Stephen says:

      Someone, who clearly lost the battle on the “Bloater criticises Conservative policy” thread, tried to re-fight it. Healey’s Law of Holes?

    • Alasdair,

      My blog has become a joke?

      When was the last time you had 33 comments on a post?

      • Mo says:

        33 comments is all very well, but most of them seem to be just insults of one kind or another.

        If that’s what you were hoping for when you set up this blog, then congratulations: but I am a bit disappointed, as I came here hoping to read some interesting thoughts and opinions.

        Posts like this one, which seem designed to summon trolls from all sides, detract from the serious and thoughtful posts that you have made in the past (in my opinion).

      • Maybe this post is more local Guido Fawkes than local Walaa Idris if it is taken seriously. By the title “Conservatives are Better Looking” it obviously isn’t serious.

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