Traffic During Suffolk Show

Police are reminding motorists to be prepared for possible congestion in the Trinity Park area over the next couple of days as the 2011 Suffolk Show gets underway.

Thousands of visitors are expected to attend the two-day event that starts tomorrow, Wednesday 1 June, and while in recent years there have been relatively few traffic problems, Inspector Bruce Gent of Suffolk’s Road Policing Unit is asking drivers to take some simple measures to ensure all goes smoothly.

“We are reminding drivers that there may be some congestion over the next two days due to the volume of traffic heading to the area.

“Police officers on motorcycles and in marked cars will be on the main routes to try to ensure traffic keeps moving but we know the A14 and A12 near the Seven Hills interchange can be particularly busy and we would ask drivers to consider this and either leave more time for their journey at peak times or find an alternative route if possible.

“The aim is to get all those visiting the show into the ground as quickly and safely as possible however there may be other factors, such as collisions, which could mean hold-ups. We would urge all visitors to follow the signs and to keep to the routes directed, even if it means using two lanes where they might usually use one.

“In addition to this we would ask that drivers comply with any requests from police or stewards and, if travelling at rush hour, please be prepared for a few delays.”

As usual drivers approaching along the A12 from Woodbridge will be directed along the Bucklesham village route, while those approaching from the west along the A14 are asked to come off at the Seven Hills roundabout, use both lanes on the slip road off the A14 and then utilise two lanes around the roundabout itself towards the showground. Traffic from Ipswich should make use of arrangements along Bucklesham Road to access Gate 4, while those approaching from Felixstowe should follow signing off the A14 prior to the Seven Hills junction. Drivers are being asked to follow these routes in reverse when leaving the showground, with two lanes of traffic flowing from Gate 10 back to the Seven Hills interchange.

Police are also urging show goers to be security conscious. Please remember to lock your vehicle and remove any valuables before leaving your car unattended.

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