Socialist Thieves

James over at Bridge Ward News has written an article about how Ipswich Labour will rob the people and give to themselves here. Where he starts by saying

Ipswich Labour Party is pouring money into the “Council” paper the Ipswich Angle.

The special edition shows just why Ipswich is going to do so badly under Labour, they will spend everything on themselves and their mates. Not, I stress, because they’re consciously corrupt – but rather that they are blinded by their self righteousness.

So now Ipswich Labour has three publications in The Rose, the
Evening Star and the Advertiser. With the Advertiser, they see nothing wrong with taking public money and using it for propaganda purposes because their holier than thou attitude does not allow them to see anything wrong with such a practice..

James ends his post with

For the same reason that they lied to us before the borough elections, they will steal from us after the elections. And they won’t lose any sleep over it.

The reality is, that they have already started stealing.

Ipswich Labour has already stopped locality budgets and in so doing have taken money away from local wards, making local councillors powerless to do anything without their permission. Ipswich Labour would obviously lie about why they have taken the money claiming that it is to save Libraries and Lollypop Patrols that in reality are not under threat. Ipswich Labour do not believe it to be morally wrong to steal from the electorate and then lie to the electorate because they are so blinded by their own self righteousness.

Of course Ipswich Labour are not interested in public services but public service union subscriptions
jobs like their own. So they will take off everybody else and give to their own kind (Public Sector workers.)

Another area where Ipswich Labour are taking from us is their plan to switch off or dim street lights. Street lights are used by everybody but they don’t employ anybody so they are a service Labour are willing to cut. If the crime rate goes up as a result they would then probably blame it on coalition cuts. They would probably believe this being so blinded by their sanctimonious views.

There’s people wanting to get away from the towns image of being a sleepy little market town advertising it as a vibrant city, while Ipswich Labour are planning on switching the lights off. How many cities have the street lights switched off?

Ipswich was transformed under the Conservative lead council and already Labour are attempting to ruin it like they ruined the Country.

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15 Responses to Socialist Thieves

  1. Alasdair Ross says:

    I was going to try and not comment on your posts- but you talk about lies!

    Street lights being turned off- true but the plan is Tory Suffolk county council – fact- Ipswich Borough just act as the contractors – as a Borough , we are informing people of the plan through press and Forums- but I repeat it is a county issue and even as Borough councillors we have no final say which lights stay on or go off, but we have been asked for our opinions- and the public should have also been asked, but you will have to ask the Tory cabinet why they were not.
    So I would remove youir post, or at least put in that your are wrong with the lights dimmining/being switched off – it is a county plan – but to be fair to them, I believe lights being switched off in certain streets after midnight is a good idea.

    • You just couldn’t keep away could you?

      It’s quite simple Alisdair. The Borough arranges to give less money to the county for street lighting and then blames those wicked county Tories when the lights go out. Also, not all street lights are the responsibility of the County.

      I’m glad that you’re not denying that you’ve stolen the locality budgets from the people of Ipswich and not denying that you lied about school crossing patrols being stopped or libraries closing. That’s a start I suppose. If you carry on like that, one day you might be an honest party instead of a bunch of self righteous liars.

      • A Ross says:

        The plan to turn off the lights was put together before May, so the funding between County and Borough was a tory/tory plan. I think turning some lights off is a good idea, but it is the County who control most of the lights, some estates do have Borogh lighting, so again you are getting your facts wrong.
        Can’t keep away? It would be easy if you were jsut giving your opinion but the trouble is most of your posts are ill informed or as you would put it lies!
        Suggest you check the policy on lighting with Cllr Terry and Carnall who were at the same meeting with me when we were told it was a county plan

    • It says this on every street light in the borough. It says that Ipswich Borough Council are agents of Suffolk County Council. Therefore as the agents of Suffolk County Council, Ipswich Borough Council has responsibility for Street lights.

      This nonsesne about the last administration planning it is another lie.

      • A Ross says:

        Agents – as with roads, IBC does the work for the County- The County decide when lights go on and off, as pointed out in my post, currently the County Council do not have a plan for residents to make comments on the matter. As I said (and Cllr Carnell agreed) the trouble is residents (like you have) will believe it is IBC who are deciding to turn the lights off.

        I never said the last administration planned it, just pointed out that if you thought it was because the Borough had cut the money they pay the county- it is a Tory/Carnell budget- not a Labour one -so if any money is paid, it is what was agreed by a Tory adminstration – i suggest you check your facts with a Tory Cllr.

      • A Ross says:

        From Suffolk County Council site:

        Who is responsible for maintaining and repairing street lights?

        Suffolk County Council

      • The responsibility is contracted out to the borough. Same old labour never taking responsibility for anything. I assure you it’s nothing to do with Cllr’s Carnall and Terry.

  2. JW says:

    I came here to pretty much leave the same comment as above – the streetlights are a county council responsibility and the Borough Council can do little about it.

    As for your claim that “Libraries and Lollypop Patrols that in reality are not under threat”, I wonder where you get your information from. The council is still going ahead with its plans to withdraw funding from both, but will just do so under a different name and more quietly.

  3. A Ross says:

    Will leave this as my last comment , Ipswich are the agents but the County pays the electric bill. The County has said the lights will go off, the Borough has no say in it. So Cllr Terry as a cabinet member may be able to tell you why they are turning them off.
    This post is just one more that is ful of rubbish, but I guess you will add this to ‘ stupid comments, Alasdar Ross has written. I just ask you to check with Cllr Terry, West and Harsant, you will find out the truth on the lights- but will you print it?

  4. Stephen says:

    I wonder whether even “my last comment” is truthful. People often promise to disappear from blogs before making specious excuses to break their promises.

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