Outdoing the Evening Star

Suffolk County Council spent over £39,000 of tax payers money on toilet roll last year, a freedom of information request given to A Riverside View revealed today.

The Freedom off Information Request reveals that Suffolk County Council spent £39,333 on toilet roll during the calendar year of 2010.

Also, the Freedom of Information Request reveals that Suffolk County Council spent £164 on bleach during the same period.

Spend on toilet roll – calendar year 2010 – £39,333
Spend on bleach – calendar year 2010 – £164

The Freedom of information Request also says

Please note that the above spend is on our corporate contract and includes spend for ALL SCC sites and other organisations that are permitted to use our contracts e.g. schools, charitable organisations etc.
It is likely that there has been other spend of this nature but records are not held in such a way as to identify spend in such a detailed way.

Of course the object of this post is to demonstrate how pathetic the Evening Star is becoming. I fear as Andrew Grant-Adamson does here, that FoI requests have given regional newspapers, hit by declining sales, reduced advertising revenue, and the resulting loss of reporters, a cheap semblance of investigative reporting.

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4 Responses to Outdoing the Evening Star

  1. jimmy smith says:

    Bang on! But the real FOI to ask is how much is SCC spending answering what seems to be endless FOI requests from Archant?

  2. I thought about doing that too, but decide not to waste any more council money. Would be interesting to know average cost of FoI requests though.

  3. Gavin Maclure says:

    Blair said in his memoirs he was stupid to bring in FoI but only realised the damage it would cause before it was too late. Quite agree it leads to sloppy journalism but worse, ineffective decision-making in Government.

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