Save Our Street Lights

Ipswich Labour plan to dim or switch off Ipswich’s street lights and then they plan to blame the county Tories for it.

Street lights are used by everybody but they are a service Labour are willing to cut because it doesn’t affect public sector jobs like most of them have.

If the crime rate goes up as a result of Labours plan to plunge Ipswich into darkness then they will blame it on coalition cuts because Labour never take responsibility for anything.

There’s people wanting to get away from the towns image of being a sleepy little market town advertising it as a vibrant city, while Ipswich Labour are planning on switching the lights off. How many cities have the street lights switched off?

Here Alasdair Ross admits

Now it is true that there is a plan to dim some lights and even turn some off after midnight

But then lies about it being the responsibility of “Tory run Suffolk County Council”

He tries to reassure us that

All main roads will stay lit, the main transit routes that pedestrians use on their way home at night will also remain lit up,

As if pedestrians all take the same routes home or stick to main roads.

Feel free to print off the above picture and display it in your window.

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8 Responses to Save Our Street Lights

  1. ipswichspy says:

    Are you sure it isn’t the responsibility of the Highway Authority (Suffolk County Council)? IBC only have responsibility for some street lights, not all of them. Most are the responsibility of SCC. Is Councillor Ross getting his facts wrong, or is this a scheme of Guy McGregor’s making?

  2. Stephen says:

    While I am at it, can I thank Labour for their campaign to save telephone boxes in Suffolk. After all, where else would their County Group have their meetings?

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  6. Don Taylor says:

    It would be good to get street light M 718 Hale Close IP2 9qp working again now that the days are growing shorter.

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