Stupid Things Alasdair Ross has said this Week (III)

Alasdair Ross hasn’t said as much this week but he has still managed to say some stupid things.

There’s a few things of note in this blog post here. Apart from the fact that Alasdair wasn’t even at the meeting he blogged about making the whole post ridiculous there’s a couple of gems.

There’s the title

Same old Judy Terry, same old Tory County Council, same old NSD

Then he says this

The name maybe dead but the rest of NSD lives on,

Is he claiming that Judy Terry was behind the NSD? It’s ridiculous, he blames Judy Terry for everything.

Then he says

here is a quote from the non aligned Suffolk blog- Wordblog:

This is stupid because it shows that Alasdair hasn’t worked out that Andrew Grant-Adamson is a Liberal.

Then Alasdair says

It seems that we are still no closer to getting an answer to what exactly is going to happen to our libraries than we were when Mark Bee took power,

Well Alasdair, if you had come to the meeting, you would have got an answer.

Since publishing this post Alasdair has said some more stupid things here.

I and others seemed to spend most of our time commenting on his posts, not just trying to put the Labour view across but also just to inform Kevin that he had got his facts wrong.

This means that this blog is doing a service to the town of Ipswich because while they are busy commenting on this blog they are not busy wrecking the borough.

Also there’s this

Ipswich Mosques, Street Lights are just two posts recently that are full of misleading statements and seem based more on rumours that the truth.

So now we have an Ipswich Labour Councillor accusing me of misleading the people of Ipswich and so soon after they took control of the council by misleading the people of Ipswich!


We have his usual practice of copying his mentor at ‘Bridge Ward News’

Actually, I get just as many good ideas from Comrade Coates as I do James Spencer. But let’s continue.

so going from saying how good the Sky Ride was, he then joins Mr Spencer in criticising the date of the event.

Alasdair failed to mention that I said in the post that I can’t say I didn’t enjoy flying round the carless streets on my bike that day.

Then he says

Now, sorry to disappoint you Kevin, it takes more than a few weeks to plan the Sky Ride.

Hold on a minute Alasdair! Why are you only correcting me and not correcting James too?

Maybe James has a point after all.

Then of course there’s this.

Last October the Tory Cabinet decided to implement a plan to turn off lights.

Now we know this isn’t true because it never appeared in any Labour literature during the election campaign unless they decided it wasn’t worth mentioning because it was true of course.

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4 Responses to Stupid Things Alasdair Ross has said this Week (III)

  1. Nice to be mentioned but where does that capital L on liberal come from. Don’t presume my party politics.

  2. Stephen says:

    Trolli delenda sunt.

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