Who Will Labour Choose (Updated)

David Ellesmere standing in a genuine contest would be a new experience for him As his ward is the rotten borough of Gipping he hasn’t had to fight to get elected himself for years. His track record can be seen by the closure of London Road post office and certain houses on the Triangle Estate still not having modern facilities. The only thing he has going for him is the fact that he has the backing of Ipswich spy But the real major problem is that, if David Ellesmere was nominated, Dame Bryony would be furious.

If Bryony Rudkin was nominated then David Ellesmere would be furious. Also, Dame Bryony Rudkin isn’t seen as true Labour by many in the Ipswich Labour party. They think she’s a mere Fair Trade Tory and would prefer a candidate who seems more Labour than her, like James Spencer or John Carnall

Also, for some reason the very mention of Bryony Rudkin is going to start Bridge Ward News, Tendance Coatesy and Ipswich Spy off in the local political blogesphere. Hence since my last post Comrade Coates has written some stuff here

Of course they could pick Sandy Martin but he’s so left wing, even the post clause four scrapping fossils of Ipswich Labour think that though he’s a nice bloke, he’s so left wing he’s bonkers.

I actually thought that as Ipswich Labour don’t particularly like each other, they were hoping that someone applies from outside of town with no connections with Ipswich like Lib Dem Mark ‘Sat Nav’ Dyson but I have since heard more.

Comrade Coates won’t name the third man but I have heard that somone with a lot of support is Alasdair Ross. Alasdair’s just the guy we Tories want.

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