Stupid Things Alasdair Ross has siad this Week (IV)

Unlike the previous three weeks unfortunately Alasdair Ross hasn’t said that many stupid things this week.

Apart from in this post he says

I was not surprised that Kevin was not being factually correct but I am surprised today that the Official Ipswich Tory website seems to be forgetting who is responsible for a number of policies.

I’m surprised that as it would appear that Labour couldn’t tell the difference between County and Borough during the elections, Alasdair would want to say such a thing, but the statement is inaccurate in its self anyway.

Later Alasdair says this

Now what they don’t say is that the plan to turn off 94% of the lights in Ipswich is a Tory run Suffolk County council plan and that it was approved by the County Council who included Tory Borough councillors Terry (also a Cabinet member) West, Debman, Harsant, Young and Vickery. They even put out a leaflet in Holywells- but Cllr Debman is their County Cllr, who must have agreed to it!

So Alasdair is claiming that Ipswich Borough Council are not agents to Suffolk County Council in regards to street lighting even though a piece of plastic on every lamp post in town says otherwise.

Also, as there was no mention of cuts in street lighting in any Labour literature during the election campaign we can ascertain that what he is saying is inaccurate.

This didn’t stop Alasdair repeating the nonsense in a comment on the Ipswich Spy blog here.

Talking of the Tory website and all their new posts – two of the issues they are complaining about are Tory Plans – the street lighting (Tory County Council) but more interestingly the verge cutting – a plan to leave certain roadsides uncut was a plan that the Borough Tories came up with.

Same old Labour, never taking responsibility.

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2 Responses to Stupid Things Alasdair Ross has siad this Week (IV)

  1. A Ross says:

    Kevin – I feel I need to answer your comments: Though it slightly irritates me, I can’t and would not want you to stop writing what you wish about me but I do feel that you should check the facts. So I have tried to summarise what is happening with street lights in Ipswich.
    Ipswich Borough Council ARE the agents for the County when it comes to lighting (I have never said they are not)
    In October 2010, the Tory County council decided to buy a new intelligent lighting system and install it in all the lights they own, they also decided that to save money and to reduce CO2 by 60% they would use the new system to turn lights off in Suffolk from June 2011. Most of Ipswich will see their lights turn off from July 2011.
    Ipswich Borough Council as agents worked with the County and the police to work out where lights should stay on – Woodbridge Rd, Norwich Rd and other main arterial roads plus areas outside shops like Selkirk Rd. Most of this work was carried out before the May elections.
    Turning the lights off is not a new thing, lights used to be turned off at night in Ipswich when we had the old clock timer system operating the lighting.
    IBC are the agents but it is a SCC decision when and where the lights will go off.
    IBC own 6% of the lights in the town, last week the executive of Labour run Ipswich Borough Council also decided to purchase and install the new intelligent lighting system but will NOT turn their lights off, they will see how the County operation goes and then will decide if they will turn off all, some or none of their lights.
    I (as I have already said) are happy for the lights to go off, but are unhappy that the County have not put in a procedure for residents to be able to discuss with the County if they are not happy with their street being unlit. Cllr Carnall (Tory leader) also agreed with me on this point at a meeting when the lighting was discussed.
    If residents, your readers are not happy with their lights going off, their first port of call should be their County Councillor but if they would prefer they can contact their Borough Councillor who can take it up with the County and also ask the advice of our lighting engineers who can also feedback the problem to the County
    I hope that makes it easier to understand.

    If you wish for more information, you local Cllr can get you a map of where lights will stay on or go off and which lights are owned by the Borough. There is also a FAQ page on the policy on the SCC website.

  2. So you’re saying that the county planned to switch lights off before the elections and you never bothered to mention it in your leaflets along with the lies about library closures and the axing off lollypop patrols?

    You had some nonsense about Ipswich Buses being scrapped within hours of John Carnall’s statement but nothing about cuts in street lighting throughout your whole campaign of lies and fear mongering.

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