Suffolk Libraries Safe under Conservatives

Another pledge that libraries across Suffolk would remain open was made today as the county’s cabinet decided to go ahead with the next phase of reforming the service. EADT report here.

Of course this isn’t going to stop Ipswich Labour saying the exact opposite.

Conservative Councillor and Libraries portfolio holder Judy Terry stated that the County Council has listened to passionate support and wishes to save all libraries and Conservative leader of the County Council Mark Bee stated that they are doing their best to keep libraries open.

The problem is due to ideological fanaticism, Ipswich Labour and their minions at Rosehill Readers along with certain Lib Dems would rather libraries closed than not be under full county council control.

They’re even propagating the rumour that there is a plan to knock Rosehill library down. Of course, the fact that Suffolk County Council don’t know where the deeds to the place are, makes the rumour sound ridiculous. This of course will not stop Ipswich Labour saying such things as to Ipswich Labour truth is not important and lies are morally right if they harm the Tories. Of course, as Ipswich labour are so opposed to divestment on ideological grounds, they’d rather Rosehill library was demolished anyway. They don’t want to save libraries from closure, but rather save libraries from divestment. As without divestment there would have to be closures due to Labour messing up the country’s finances Ipswich Labour and their minions at Rosehill Readers along with certain Lib Dems are in fact supporting library closures. They may make it look like they are against closures but honesty isn’t one of their strong points is it?

Also as Ipswich Labour under the leadership of David Ellesmere have done absolutely nothing of any value since taking control of the borough and wouldn’t have done anything in May, they have to confuse the electorate about libraries that the borough doesn’t even control, just to have any sort of election campaign.

The only party that is making any kind of meaningful effort to save libraries from closure in Suffolk is the Conservative Party.

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2 Responses to Suffolk Libraries Safe under Conservatives

  1. Stephen says:

    I wonder if many of these protestors ever visited their library before it became an issue?

  2. Ken Bates says:

    “Certain LibDems”? I think you are somewhat mistaken!

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