Westbourne Library Face-Lift

Story here.

The Friends of Westbourne Library has just completed a project to repaint Westbourne Library. The “make over” was carried out at no cost to taxpayers, using materials purchased with funds raised from the recent FWL & BPT “Broomhill fete”. All unsightly graffiti has been removed, and the Library has been restored to its original white.

The Big Society in action

Ipswich Labour’s reaction to this is to lie on twitter with this tweet

IpswichLabour Ipswich Labour RT @Ipswich24mag: Westbourne Library given face-lift bit.ly/qJG0KX >Great, not long ago, Tories wanted to close it…

The fact is that the Tories never wanted to close it which is why they encouraged the formation of such things as Friends of Westbourne Library to keep it open.

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