Ipswich Labour’s use of Public Money to Fund their Funders

As always Ipswich Labour were busy last week tweeting stupid things. I decided not to do a Stupid Things Ipswich Labour have Tweeted this Week because I’d already written two posts based on things they had tweeted. here and here Not writing a Stupid Things Ipswich Labour have Tweeted this Week seemed to have encouraged them to tweet more stupid things this week and it’s only Monday.

Alasdair Ross has decided to have an argument with Ben Gummer on Twitter about the fact that Ipswich Labour are using Council Tax payers money to fund the people who fund them.

Alasdair tweeted this

AlasdairRoss Alasdair Ross @ @ben4ipswich so not a letter from the Chief executive? Funny how John Carnall never noticed in 7 years? Or did he think it was good for IBC?

What Alasdair forgets is that prior to the last administration the town had been under Labour control for 25 years with a run down waterfront full of derelict buildings, a museum that was so run down nobody visited the place, a bus company where the buses were so dirty they were probably a health hazard to both the passengers and the drivers, Litter in certain streets a foot deep, the mint quarter going to ruin…. Well basically how Labour will probably leave Ipswich next time. There was a lot of things to get right. Hence it may have been over looked.

Then Alasdair tweeted this

So @ben4ipswich , Tory Suffolk County Council pay more than Labour run Ipswich Council to Unions and say ‘it was very valuable’ to have this

Ben Gummer tweeted back

ben4ipswich Ben Gummer
@AlasdairRoss that’s right – and they’re both wrong.

Then Gavin Maclure tweeted

gavinmaclure Gavin Maclure @ @ben4ipswich @AlasdairRoss agree with Ben. Have to say County Tories have always been spineless.

Now I’m not going to call the county Tories spineless but I would say that cutting public services while giving money to the people who fund the party who made cuts necessary, is ridiculous.

Alasdair Ross later tweeted this

AlasdairRoss Alasdair Ross
@gavinmaclure @ben4ipswich But Gavin you also paid Union officials for seven years – so Carnall must of thought it was good value?

As I previously said in this blog post, after 25 years of Labour there was a lot of things to get right. Hence it may have been over looked. We know what kind of mess they left the country in after 13 years while in Ipswich they had 25 years to mess things up.

Ipswich Labour have stopped locality budgets while continuing to give council tax payers money to the people who fund them. It shows that they only care about themselves.

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7 Responses to Ipswich Labour’s use of Public Money to Fund their Funders

  1. Stephen says:

    ” ………… Carnall must of (sic) thought ………….”

    Does everyone become functionally illiterate on Twitter, even those who teach at public schools? Complete this DC quote: “Too many Tweets makes a …………”

    • Good point. After Ipswich Labour tweeted about my spelling one of their own doesn’t know he difference between ‘of’ and ‘have.’ You’d think a Public School teacher would know wouldn’t you?

      • Stephen says:

        Quite. That’s even before you consider the “Union Modernisation Fund”, by which the taxpayer gives money to the unions and the unions then pay theLabour party. Convenient, isn’t it?

      • Mo says:

        The money that trade unions give to the Labour Party comes from their political funds, which are made up entirely of opted-in donations from members. It would be highly illegal for a union to channel money from another source of funding into a political donation.

        Also, the Union Modernization Fund is no longer in operation.

  2. Mo says:

    Every council in the country funds union posts, like every other large employer of unionized staff does. Is it that practice overall that you object to, or would you be OK with it if the unions in question were not Labour donors?

  3. Stephen says:

    So unions were receiving taxpayers’ money through this Union Modernisation Fund, created by a Labour Government, and started sending MORE to the Labour party. Mo the troll would have us believe that this is all a coincidence.

    Just follow the audit trail – taxpayers’ money was being covertly diverted to Labour funds. It isn’t rocket science.

    • Mo says:

      I don’t think, and didn’t say, that it was a coincidence. But I also don’t think that criminality took place. If anyone has seen evidence of that, then they should bring it to the attention of the authorities, who I’m sure will be happy to take appropriate action. If not, then it’s just a rather worthless sort of innuendo.

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