Still Spinning Deception

I’ve received a copy of a leaflet Ipswich Labour have produced that they are delivering in the Rosehill Area of Holywells Ward full of the usual deception we have come to expect from the comrades of Ipswich Labour.

In the leaflet Ipswich Labour are deceptively trying to take the credit for things that the Conservatives have done and Labour had nothing to do with. For example, e.g. on the 2nd page they imply that they were responsible for the traffic calming scheme in the Rosehill area where they say ’and we used this data to substantiate’ whereas they fail to point out that it was the local Conservative councillors who were the driving force for the scheme and that the funding came via the Conservative Suffolk County Council and Conservative Ipswich Borough Council and they actually had nothing to do with it.

Also in the leaflet Ipswich Labour continue to lie about libraries. They selectively reproduce one part of a sentence from here. out of context to insinuate that Rosehill library is threatened with closure when it is not. Within the actual document the sentence originally came from, what follows it is. “However, we have received some impassioned pleas for these libraries to stay open, as well as some innovative and cost effective proposals to run them differently from community groups and a staff co-operative. We would be willing to discuss further with community groups how to minimise the costs of running these libraries, and how they might be able to stay open and reduce costs. The focus for provision from these libraries could be on community outreach and on our priority customer groups:”

So Labour are continuing to frighten the electorate with closures that are not going to happen.

I’m wondering why nobody from Ipswich Labour attended
the meeting organised by Lib Dem Inga Lockington last February at Westbourne Library or Scrutiny Committee Meeting on Libraries held in June Plenty of Tories and Lib Dems showed up for both meeting. I think that it maybe because Ipswich Labour are not actually interested in libraries and are merely using them to exploit the electorate.

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3 Responses to Still Spinning Deception

  1. A Ross says:

    Fact – Westbourne Library meeting – attended by S Connelly and J Gibbs who were then Labour candidates but now Labour Cllrs for Westgate and Whitton – 2 wards near the library

    Sandy Martin (from Ipswich labour) spoke at Scrutiny in June

    Oh, and by the way, i am not a teacher! But don’t let that stop you writing incorrect statements

    • Alasdair,
      Sandy Martin spoke at the scrutiny commitee because he’s on the scrutiny committee. That’s not the same.

      It’s interesting that you don’t deny the fact that your leaflet delivered in Holywells is full of lies designed to frighten the electorate.

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