David Ellsemere’s Latest Musings

This week Captain Mainwaring is telling his readers that all good things are because of the labour party and all bad thing are because of the other party’s. He mentions that Thomas Wolsey tried to build a university here and he mentions the present one that he claims is the result of a Labour government. Unsurprisingly , he doesn’t mention that a past Ipswich Labour council turned down the chance to have the University of East Anglia built here instead of Norwich and he also fails to mention that University Campus Suffolk was supported by the last Conservative/Lib Dem administration.

In complete delusion Mr Ellsmere claims that UCS is Labours legacy for Ipswich instead of struggling businesses and jobs being threatened due to Labours legacy of deficit and debt.

He also mentions that this government put up tuition fees but unsurprisingly he doesn’t mention that tuition fees were the first thing the Blair government brought in. Also, there is no mention of the fact that there is a correlation between the cost of tuition and the salary graduates are likely to receive.

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