David Campbell Bannerman lecture

Hat tip to James Spencer who really should stop using American spelling on his blog. Unless he’s so anti EU he can’t bear spelling a word the same way as the French of course.

David Campbell Bannerman MEP will be giving the 13th Annual Ipswich Conservative Policy Forum Lecture at the Central Conservative Club in the Town Centre. It will be on Friday 25 November at 19:00 for 19:30.

Tickets are £10, and to get them either on 01473-691347 or by emailing stephenmlark@talktalk.net. You will need to do this by Friday 18 November.

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3 Responses to David Campbell Bannerman lecture

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  2. Stephen says:

    MEPs often change party during a term – Edward MacMillan-Scott in Yorkshire and the summer 2009 being the other recent British example – so the Spy is being disingenuous.

    • Though David Campbell Bannerman spent seven years as UKIP Party Chairman, Deputy Leader and Head of Policy, he was previously a Conservative for 20 years. In his estimation two thirds of UKIP are Tories in reality. He has always believed in putting his country first, strong defence, low taxes, encouraging enterprise, high standards in education and healthcare (grammar schools and matrons !), being tough on crime, and sensible on immigration controls. This has never changed.
      The issue of the European Union was the only real point of difference, and he remains faithful to the cause of pursuing a new relationship with the EU based on trading arrangements and leaving the undemocratic and bureaucratic political superstate, as the majority of UK citizens want. But he believes that this cause is better followed through a proper political party with a full set of policies, whereas UKIP remains merely a single issue pressure group at heart.

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