Suffolk Prostitution Strategy

The headline of today’s Morning Evening Star was mentioned at the local residents meeting a few weeks back. It’s about the fact that there are 400 premises known in the county where sex is sold. The Morning Evening Star report can be read here. Though it starts by saying “The full scale of Suffolk’s off-street prostitution problem can today be revealed” the reality is that there are 400 premises that the Suffolk prostitution strategy knows about.

Initially the focus centred on eradicating street prostitution – a feat which has been achieved.

But now attention has been switched to dealing with the scourge of off-street prostitution, including massage parlours.

The article contains one sentence that should shut up all the people who say that prostitution should not be legalised.

In some cases it is believed these activities involve the trafficking of women and men and the sexual exploitation of children.

Anyone with a brain should be able to work out that trafficking is also exploitation.

Suffolk police’s head of public protection, Detective Superintendent Alan Caton, said:

This is taking place in flats, houses, massage parlours and commercial premises.

It is not a victimless crime – it involves vulnerable people being exploited.

We will bring the people involved to justice and help keep the women who are engaged safe.

The Morning Evening Star says

Among the strategy’s aims are to prevent children under 18 in Suffolk from being sexually exploited, assist adults out of prostitution and sexual exploitation and identify those controlling and profiting from sexual exploitation

Det Supt Caton has now called on communities and neighbourhood watch teams to report any activities they deem as suspicious.

He believes police working with communities was essential to the success of removing prostitution from the streets and hopes they can achieve similar successes with off-street prostitution.

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2 Responses to Suffolk Prostitution Strategy

  1. Peter Turtill says:

    There are still women working the dock area. Punternet lists 120 reports on Ipswich prostitutes.

    The Evening Star is a filthy rag that earned money off prostitutes.

  2. Paul Norton says:

    This article in the Times (behind the paywall I am afraid) lifts the lid on what happens when you legalise prostitution as they have in parts of Nevada, USA. The telling paragraph comes right at the end…

    “While the PR surrounding legal prostitution in Nevada would have you believe that this is free-range and organic, it is closer to battery farming. My conclusion, after spending a week observing it, is that in many ways legal brothel owners are given a licence to take in the most disenfranchised women in society and institutionalise them into an industry that will cause them further harm.”

    Legalisation of prostitution is the legalisation of institutionalised sexual abuse. The men and women involved in selling their bodies are being abused by the “punters” and by the criminal gangs who feed off their vulnerability in a disgusting way. It is a vile trade that should never ever be legalised. Thank God for the Suffolk Prostitution Strategy and the effective and efficient police officers like Alan Caton.

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