Ellsemere’s Latest Star Column

In today’s Morning Evening Star, Captain Mainwaring talks a bit about Sunday’s memorial Service. it’s amazing how he managed to write about it and have it in today’s paper as the memorial service was on yesterday and the Morning Evening Star was delivered to shops at 7:00 AM this morning. How efficient Ipswich Labour’s propagandists are. Within his musings is a mention about the author of the dRoss Blog

David Ellsemere also talks about “Tickets for Troops and though he admits that all party’s support it he is trying to get credit for it.

He ends talking about London 2012 and makes a fuss about the government buying around 9000 tickets for the Olympics and thinks it not fair that the government has bought tickets denying people them. Being a socialist, Ellsemere wouldn’t think that they are for corporate hospitality. If the government wants to use the Olympics to encourage foreign businesses to invest in this country, then it is a good thing. If Ipswich Borough Council used council tax payers money to buy tickets for Ipswich town to bring business to and investment into Ipswich I would support it. But as most of Ipswich Labour support them lot up the road and Ipswich Labour are opposed to anyone investing in Ipswich, it’s not going to happen.

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7 Responses to Ellsemere’s Latest Star Column

  1. Tony Woollard says:

    Sorry Kevin, But re your paragraph one – How therefore do you explain pages 1,2 & 3 of todays Evening Star? Which shows some very great photos and a poignant story, regarding yesterdays service. Are these to be brought into question aswell?

  2. ipswichspy says:

    Is the spelling of David Ellesmere’s name deliberate? Is it meant to be significant that you consistently get it wrong? Like the Grauniad? Did we miss something?

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