Ipswich Labour’s Cuts

To protect public sector jobs like their own, keep their trade union masters happy, centralise more power away from the people and to themselves, stop aspiration and enterprise and help their financial backers Ipswich Labour have made ruthless, unnecessary cuts and spoken against people investing in Ipswich.

Ipswich Labour have supported the street lights being switched off at midnight, spoken against people investing in Ipswich, taken money away from Local communities, planned to close down area forums, cut bus services and cancelled Christmas

Ipswich Labour ruthlessly support the lights being switched off while attacking the policy they support.

Ipswich Labour have openly fought to stop investment coming to Ipswich by standing outside the Golden Key with anti-Tesco signs and while refusing planning permission those with an interest due to their links with the Cooperative Society never declared their interests. By being against investment in Ipswich, Ipswich Labour are cutting economic growth in the town.

Ipswich Labour have also taken money away from local communities. This isn’t for financial reasons but for control proposes. Ipswich Labour have frozen locality budgets because they do not believe that local councillors should have such responsibility. Ipswich Labour believe that all decisions should be made by the Politburo. So for purely ideological reasons, Ipswich Labour have cut funding to local communities.

Ipswich Labour also plan to close down Area Forums. This is not for efficiency purposes but is for ideological purposes. With Area Forums, the general public can express their views to their local councillors and local councillors can call for action accordingly. This is completely unacceptable to the socialists who run the borough. To them all decisions should be made by the Politburo. While they are taking power away from people they are also avoiding investing money in local communities and instead are wasting money on giving the public an illusion of some sort of say in what the council does. Who sits on these Area Committees will be decided by the Politburo.

Ipswich Labour have also after telling residents of Rushmere Ward on election day in May “Vote Labour to Save Ipswich Buses” have cut bus services. They have stopped Evening and weekend buses to and from South East Ipswich. This means that people who work in the town centre without their own transport now either have to use a taxi or walk home in the streets where now the lights go off at midnight. With the Thursday late night Christmas shopping coming up (Even though Ipswich Labour has cancelled Christmas) people who work in the shops in Ipswich are going to struggle to get home from work. As a lot of people who work in shops are on a low wage these cuts to buses are going to affect those on the lowest incomes hardest. They didn’t make cuts necessary but Ipswich Labour are making them pay for the mess Labour made when in government. Some of the poorest in society are unable to go into town during the weekend.

Ipswich Labour have also cancelled Christmas. Gavin Maclure explains how here.

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