Ellsemere’s Latest Ramblings

In today’s Morning Evening Star David Ellesmere says that Ipswich Labour are sticking to their pledge to waste money on Broomhill Swimming pool. He says how people have fond memories of the Broomhill Swimming Pool and that it was in his parties manifesto to reopen the pool which his party had previously closed. Of course, Captain Mainwaring doesn’t mention that it was his party who closed the pool in the first place. He mentions the fact that they are going to need some money from the Heritage Lottery fund but doesn’t mention that it’s about £3 Million to add on to the £1 million that IBC have set aside to waste on the project. So to make a few people who couldn’t handle the fact that the lido was closed because it was making such a loss happy, the great plan is to waste £4 million of public money on a lido in north Ipswich that hardly anyone would use and most people couldn’t care less about. This is after Ipswich Labour offered a measly £97 thousand to keep libraries open in Ipswich that people actually use and will continue to use when the library service in Ipswich cost £2.1 million. Strangely, Ellsemere says he can’t promise that they will reopen the millstone round the borough’s neck.

Captain Mainwaring also talks about the Leveson enquiry and says how good the Morning Evening Star is along with the East Fabian Anglian Daily Times and all at the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune’s Look Norwich and Radio Suffolk

David Ellesmere left the most telling bit about himself until last in today’s Morning Evening Star. He says

I See that Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, has said that children do not learn enough history at school. He may be right. If he and the rest of the cabinet had studied the history of the 1930s they would know that tough economic circumstances were made much worse by governments cutting spending too far and too fast – a mistake that George Osborne is currently repeating. This was something I learned at the state comprehensive I attended. Perhaps they teach them something different at Eton?

That’s it David play the class card with your politics of envy. Maybe they never tought history at the rather posh Fettes College that Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair attended. Maybe they don’t teach history at the posh Saint Paul’s School for girls Hattie Harperson went to. Maybe they don’t teach economics either because economics along with history tells us that if you create an oversized public sector with no private enterprise and everyone employed by the state, you end up virtually bankrupt. The amount of GDP spent on the public sector at present is unsustainable therefore cuts have to be made or we will be bankrupt.

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2 Responses to Ellsemere’s Latest Ramblings

  1. Stephen says:

    Re-opening the Broomhill Pool, as supported by many people, would be a lot cheaper if the previous Labour administration had maintained it properly. Indeed, it could have been re-opened at almost any time.

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