South West Ipswich Area Forum 29/11/2011

I attended today’s South West Ipswich Forum councillors present were for Sprites, Roger Fern, Richard Kirby and Hamil Clarke. For Bridge Ward, Jim Powell and Dame Bryony. For Stoke Park Ward, Nadia Cenci. No Gipping Ward Councillors attended. Obviously we were not expecting Captain Mainwaring because he’s attending to the people he really cares about tomorrow, namely his trade union masters. Obviously supporting an irresponsible strike that has the potential to wreck the economy is far more important than finding out what the police are doing about anti social behaviour on the Triangle Estate. No surprise that Jeanette Macartney wasn’t there either. For some reason Glen Chisholm was there, probably because going by how much he says to Councillor Cenci and myself on Twitter he obviously likes our company.

First on the agenda was Biodiversity before the person could start his talk, Politburo Holder for Culture, Dame Bryony Rudkin introduced herself to everybody explaining that she was the Politburo Holder for Culture. It was an interesting talk that I may blog about at some point in the future.

The next item on the agenda was the Suffolk county Council Budget Consultation. You can read the document that a presentation was given of here.

There were some complaints about street lights going off at midnight during which time Former Suffolk County Council Leader, Bryony Rudkin mentioned about a street light being on during the day near her house in leafy Saint Margaret’s. (Though she didn’t mention that she lived in Saint Margaret’s) If the former leader of the Council doesn’t know what to do, who does? Except she does know what to do because someone by the name of St Margaret’s Ward Labour Party reported it here on Sunday. I wonder if the Saint Margaret’s Ward Labour party has a lot of members. Going by the amount of votes they got recently, I don’t reckon. I found the alias of Saint Margaret’s Ward Labour Party amusing, hence when I saw the street lights day burning in Elliott Street earlier, I had an idea here

Also on the agenda was a bit about cold calling and bogus callers. Then there was a police update of what’s going on around South West Ipswich. It seems that the light being turned off at midnight if anything is having a positive effect on crime. In one street that had a problem with car crime, there has been no car crime since the lights have started being turned off. As I mentioned earlier there was a bit about what is being done to tackle anti-social behaviour on the Triangle Estate.

A member of the public asked if there was a non political petition like the one Ipswich labour have started expressing concerns about coming cuts to front line policing as claimed in Labour Leaflets, some of which were delivered by some of the Labour councillors present. Labour supporting Ipswich Spy has spun it too here. and there’s also this on the dRoss Blog. So as you can see, Ipswich Labour have been lying to the electorate to scare them again. The SNT Officer informed us that there are going to be no cuts to frontline policing.

Despite the statement that there is going to be no cuts to frontline police services contradicting what Ipswich labour have been saying, not one of the five Labour councillors present corrected the statement. As a matter of fact, the only councillor to make any comment regarding the SNT Officer’s statement was Conservative Councillor, Nadia Cenci who said “There’s your answer. It’s not true.” So Ipswich Labour were caught lying yet again.

The meeting ended with a statement by Fairer and Greener Ipswich Politburo Holder, Sandy Martin about the format of Area Forums changing being read out. Within the statement it talked about public consultation at the meeting though it didn’t say why no public consultation was done before the changes were announced.

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6 Responses to South West Ipswich Area Forum 29/11/2011

  1. Glen says:

    I was in attendance not for your and councillor Cenci’s company (even though you did not say hi) but as I do have an interest in the girlfriend lives in the area and due to a change in her working hours I frequently pick her children up from school which is also in the as for the police cuts it sounded like the police Sargent was saying there would be no change to the neighbourhood police team and not the town policing as a whole.losing 300 staff including 100 police officers will have an effect on frontline services.the police are doing a great job under difficult circumstances. but are already overstretched and these cuts will make it more difficult.

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