Labour Supporting Ipswich Spy Drops Another Clanger

Following on from the dribble Labour Supporting Ipswich Spy wrote a few weeks ago, Labour supporting Ipswich Spy has written some more dribble here.

It claims

David Ellesmere has bravely decided to support public sector workers, whilst his party’s leader refuses to be drawn on the subject.

I commented that there’s nothing brave about doing what his trade Union Masters tell him.

She also said this

For a prospective Parliamentary candidate to speak out on a subject the national party leader is avoiding like the plague is brave indeed.

I think it was suicidal myself. He didn’t hear the views of the members of the public going through town.

The most sickening piece by the rancid Labour supporter over at Ipswich spy was this.

Today is also the birthday of Sir Winston Churchill. In 1910 as Home Secretary he authorised the 18th Hussars to be used against striking miners in Tonypandy, an action that remains controversial even now. As another Government filled with those unsure about whether they are Liberals or Tories is now pushing through changes that will lead to more strikes without any intention of finding a fair compromise, we hope that the anger will not boil over into violence anywhere.

There we have Labour supporting Ipswich Spy coming out with clichéd “Tories are evil” rubbish and she also claims that Tories and Lib Dems can’t tell each other apart.

Lib Dem Ken Bates commented

An article definately written by a Labour supporting member of the Spy team. LIberal Democrats know they are Liberal Democrats and Tories know they are Tories. I think the concept of coalition seems to escape Labour.

The comment Labour supporting Ipswich Spy replied with exposed any idea of Ipswich Spy’s supposed neutrality. The comment ended with

Liberal Democrats are the vultures of politics, fighting over the scraps of power offered by the big boys,

I said that Ipswich Spy’s ‘neutrality was in tatters and Andy Cann said

What an incredibly rude, biased and ignorant thing to say! How are we supposed to believe Ipswich Spy is neutral after that?

Then as usually happens when Ipswich Spy publishes a post of this nature, pretentious comedy soon followed.

Ipswich Spy replied to Ipswich Spy’s comment with

Have just looked at the whole comment made. Sometimes colleagues disagree. One of ours clearly got out of the wrong side of bed this morning. Once back in front of a computer, will remove offensive comment. Apologies Ken and Andrew and other LD activists. IS/PN

Then some editing of the post which was particularly nasty about the Lib Dems was done so that the nastiest bit was crossed out and a vain excuse for it put in italics.

If you weren’t in coalition you’d be ON that picket line and you know it. Voters are finally getting to see that Liberal Democrats are the vultures of politics, fighting over the scraps of power offered by the big boys, prepared to spout any line whatsoever to get elected. The Tories are just as pleased to say that as the Labour Party are.

This comment reflects a surprising attitude from one of Ipswich Spies. Following discussion we have decided not to remove it in entirety, but we want to make clear that we do not believe that this correctly represents the attitude of Ipswich Spy as a site. Whatever the individual beliefs of the separate members, the collective view should be more neutral.

Maybe Labour supporting Ipswich Spy claimed that there was in fighting among Ipswich Conservatives a few weeks ago in an attempt to cover up the infighting among the Ipswich Spy Collective.

Bridge Ward News commented on the Spy blog with

Thanks Ipswich Spy, whenever you lie about your neutrality again we’ll just link back to this article. Some people like piety. Some people like liars. But not many people like pious liars

Damn right we will!

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