A Non-Existant Lamp Post

This picture clearly shows a lamp post that according to Suffolk County Council doesn’t exist. It’s number is P7 as can be seen by the next photo.

Here’s a picture of street light P7 at night

This street light on the corner of Yarmouth Road and London Road has been reported out by a number of people both on fixmystreet.com and by telephone. I’ve been told that some people have got rather irate to people reporting this lamp being out insisting that Lamp P7 doesn’t exist. As you can see by these photo’s it really does exist and if you don’t believe me go to the corner of Yarmouth Road and London Road and see for yourself. It’s also close to another lamp that has been out for a while on London Road near the Shell Garage. Number P242. I have yet to ascertain if according to Suffolk County Council, lamp P242 exists or not.

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5 Responses to A Non-Existant Lamp Post

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  2. Tony Woollard says:

    Hi Kevin,
    According to the SCC Street light maintenance site – http://www.suffolk.gov.uk/TransportAndStreets/StreetLights/listing.htm Both P7 and P242 are reported as out. http://www.mayriseonline.net:8097/getmap?e=615020&n=244554&z=100&w=800&h=800&a=/getunit&p=ID&l=UNITS Both had a target fix date of 11/11/2011(?!?) So it’s worth reporting them again. This can be one through the linkys on the pages above, Personally I found that this worked quicker when we had a lamp out recently.

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